FACIS® is a comprehensive database that has been delivering high-quality data to the healthcare industry for over 30 years. It provides a 360-degree view of providers, employees, and entities, making it the most trusted and reliable dataset for provider sanctions, exclusions, and debarments. Hundreds of healthcare organizations across the U.S. rely on FACIS® to monitor their employee population in real time to ensure patient safety and compliance with regulatory requirements

One of FACIS’ key features is its extensive network of primary sources. A single inquiry in FACIS® screens over 5,600 primary sources, with nearly half of these sources being at the state level. If that isn’t enough, FACIS® includes historical and current records, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision to minimize organizational risk.

The industry’s average event identification rate sits at 2%. FACIS® advanced technology and comprehensive sources allow us to far exceed the average. Over 5% of all FACIS® monitors find an event on an individual’s or entity’s record.

Understanding FACIS® results

When FACIS® matches your monitored population with an event, it returns a match category. Here is a quick guide to help you understand what each match category means.

Match Category Event Meaning
1 & 2 Individual or entity has a current federal, state Medicaid, or state procurement action involving FHEP.
3 State-level sanction or disciplinary action is present, and the individual or entity is unable to practice.
4 State-level sanction or disciplinary action is present, but the individual or entity can still practice.
5 An exclusion or licensure action has been taken against the individual or entity in the past seven years, but they are not currently impaired or restricted.
6 A historical exclusion or licensure action has been taken against the individual or entity, but they are not currently impaired or restricted.
7 A non-adverse action was found on the individual’s or entity’s record.
8 No match was returned for the individual or entity

What happens if FACIS® returns a match?

Should FACIS® find a match, our team will sort through the data to determine if it is a true match. Our accuracy sits at 99.97% for identity-to-record matching. All original documents related to the event are sent to you via a PDF link.

Our reports go beyond simply reporting the sanction, debarment, or exclusion. We also include which organization recorded the action and when it occurred -This provides critical information and context and helps identify potential risks of exposure for your organization.

FACIS® is an essential tool for healthcare organizations looking to stay compliant with regulatory requirements and ensure patient safety. Contact us today to schedule your demo and learn how FACIS® can protect your organization or patients.