John Benson - Linkedin

John P. Benson

Co-Founder and Chairman

Charlie Falcone - Linkedin

Charlie Falcone

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Gwynn

Eric Gwynn

Chief Operating Officer

Joe Alberta

Joe Alberta

Chief Revenue Officer

Justin Gilfert - LinkedIn

Justin Gilfert

General Counsel

Chris Stabile - Linkedin

Chris Stabile

Chief Financial Officer

Kymberly Eide - LinkedIn

Kymberly Eide


Jennifer Gillespie - Linkedin

Jennifer Gillespie

Compliance Officer

Scott Alsup - Linkedin

Scott Alsup

Senior VP, Operations

Amy Anderson  - Linkedin

Amy Andersen

SVP, Customer Success and Account Management

Scott Jackson

Chief Information Security Officer

Laura Malloy - Linkedin

Laura Malloy

VP, Strategic Account Management

Mark Schaerrer - Linkedin

Mark Schaerrer

VP, Human Resources

Gina Johnson - Linkedin

Gina Johnson

VP, Provider Data Services

Stephanie Killion - Linkedin

Stephanie Killion

VP, Strategic Account Management

Ben Greene  - Linkedin

Ben Greene

VP, Infrastructure

Jon Cottrell - Linkedin

Jon Cottrell

VP, Sales and Business Development

Laura Malloy - Linkedin

Brianna Taylor

 VP Financial Planning & Analysis

Clint Snyder - Linkedin

Clint Snyder

VP, Business Development

David Oldroyd - Linkedin

David Oldroyd

VP, Engineering

Clint Snyder - Linkedin

Nick Norcia

VP, Corporate Controller

Irfan Hasovic  - Linkedin

Irfan Hasovic

VP, Product

Mike Sheppard - Linkedin

Mike Sheppard

VP, Client Operations