Retail Pharmacies Can Rest Easy

Eliminate the risk to patients, products, and reputations by establishing rigorous screening and monitoring processes for both licensed and non-healthcare licensed staff, partners, and contributors. Know you’re operating in full regulatory compliance.

Eliminate Risk with Sanction & License Verification and Monitoring

Verisys helps you stay compliant by verifying licenses, registrations, certifications, exclusion lists, Medicare enrollment, and more for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and interns. Ineffective prescriber and entity  checks invite fraud schemes against health systems, entitlement programs, private payers, and patients while putting pharmacy professionals at risk of exclusion, fines, and penalties.

We maintain a real-time pharmacy verification service that protects pharmacies from fines and penalties by actively gathering primary source data to look up the status and verify pharmacy licenses, pharmacy technician licenses, and pharmacy National Practitioner Identifier (NPI) numbers from licensing boards in all 56 U.S. states and jurisdictions.

Real-time verifications include:

  • Conduct workforce credentials verifications using primary sources through FACIS®
  • Monitor the status and expiration of each healthcare license.
  • Check staff for exclusions, sanctions, and adverse events.
  • Create risk mitigation strategies for procurement, supply chain, and vendors.
  • Prevent fraud by verifying the credentials of scientists, speakers, sales representatives, and research and clinical trial participants.

Now let’s take a look at Verisys license monitoring services. Consider how quickly a $10,000 fine per prescription filled would add up if you were not aware of an excluded provider on your staff?

Verisys will continuously monitor your pharmacy staff providing a level of security and protection against fraud schemes, ensuring continual compliance with changing regulations, and sparing you from having an excluded prescriber filling prescriptions.

Retail Pharmacy Solutions



FACIS (Comprehensive Exclusions)
License & Other Data Verification

FACIS (Comprehensive Exclusions)

FACIS® is a database of 10 million records from 5,000 primary sources on provider exclusions, sanctions, and adverse events. FACIS delivers 360-degree transparency on providers, staff, and entities for the organizations who hire, credential, refer, and reimburse for healthcare delivery. When it comes to keeping customers and patients safe, you need the gold standard.


License & Other Data Verification

Provide a point-in-time verification of a professional license number, including status, issue and expiration date, primary source information, and any disciplinary action (current or historical). Searches aliases provided on each practitioner as part of the  search criteria and verification process 

Provider Credentialing

Provider Credentialing

Verisys is the largest outsourced credentialing provider in the market today and the only player with the workflow expertise and in-house database (i.e., FACIS) to efficiently serve the end-to-end needs of large healthcare clients. For three decades, Verisys has supported client components of network management to ensure regulatory compliance and enable payors to keep an up-to-date provider network. Verisys credentialing is the only NCQA and URAC accredited solution to maintain the industry’s highest data and compliance standards. We can help you do anything from a simple provider credential search to implementing a full end-to-end credentialing solution.

Key Benefits with Verisys

Real-time notifications for changes in pharmacy license status or expiration, and ongoing exclusions, sanctions, debarments, and disciplinary actions monitoring using FACIS

Transactional dashboard for verifying a prescriber’s credentials before dispensing

Transparency of pharmacist or pharmacy technician license history and status nationwide

Accurate, reliable verification of credentials using primary source data with 99.99% provider identity matching

Individual digital profiles for each prescriber with login access for ease of accessibility

Maintain compliance and avoid fines, penalties, and fraud schemes by monitoring the status of all prescribers, technicians, employees, vendors, affiliates, and contractors

Screening and monitoring of additional data sets, such as Social Security Administration Death Master File (SSA-DMF), sex offender, and abuse registries for added patient safety

Serving your customers and saving lives is your highest priority. Helping you discover your true potential is ours. Verisys pharmacy solutions lead to safer prescribers and continued compliance. Together, we can create a shield that protects patients.