Hospitals & Health Systems

Simplify hospital credentialing and provider data management processes using software automation that reduces the time from onboarding to revenue. Check employees to ensure none are excluded or operating with expired licenses. 


One platform to manage credentialing and on-boarding paired with the largest CVO services.

Verisys’ comprehensive data and credentialing software solutions enable hospitals and health systems to streamline and automate exclusion screening, credentials and license verification, and continuous monitoring of practitioners, staff, entities, and vendors. Our hospital credentialing services reduce administrative redundancy and ensure compliance with quality standards and industry regulations.


Credentials Screening and Monitoring Services.


Verisys’ screening and monitoring software solutions alleviate the administrative burden on your staff while simplifying and expediting the credentialing process. Automate provider sanctions, exclusions, and adverse events screening using Verisys software technology and our comprehensive 10 million record database, FACIS. What’s true today may not be true tomorrow so adding a monitoring solution that alerts you to changes in provider exclusion status gives you an added level of safety and security.

Staying on top of license, registration, and certification status, and tracking expiration dates can be challenging. Implementing a credentialing software solution built for hospitals and health systems that monitors for changes in license status and provides pre-expiration notifications is the answer to ensure ongoing compliance. Hospital staff, practitioners, and vendors can be added to the monitoring service.

Here’s why over 2,500 hospitals, health systems and physician groups partner with Verisys:


  • Offer immunization management as well as Quality (PPE) functionality and design


  • Accelerate onboarding and credentialing of practitioners and hospital staff

  • Accurate, near-real-time provider data assures regulatory compliance

  • Multiple search, filter, and tiering functionalities

  • Integration with healthcare price transparency tools

  • Seamless integration and configuration with client portals

  • CMS-mandated provider directory API: HL7 FHIR VhDir

  • Compatible with Voluntary Product Accessibility Template Standards. 


Provider Credentialing
Provider Data & Roster Management
FACIS (Comprehensive Exclusions)
License & Other Data Verification
Provider Credentialing

Provider Credentialing

Verisys is the largest outsourced credentialing organization in the market today and the only player with the workflow expertise and in-house database (i.e., FACIS) to efficiently serve the end-to-end needs of large healthcare clients. For three decades, Verisys has supported client components of network management to ensure regulatory compliance and enable payors to keep an up-to-date provider network. Verisys credentialing is the only NCQA and URAC accredited solution to maintain the industry’s highest data and compliance standards. We can help you do anything from a simple provider credential search to implementing a full end-to-end credentialing solution.

Provider Data & Roster Management

 Verisys’ provider directory management solutions transform often-flawed provider data into comprehensive, customizable directories that integrate seamlessly with your member portal. We display intricate networks how you want your members to see them, highlighting and tiering network providers just for them — including telemedicine providers.

By offering a more comprehensive, integrated provider search platform, you can keep current members satisfied and engaged while attracting new customers who want to strengthen member engagement. Moreover, by delivering relevant, actionable information, consumers can make informed decisions leading to better outcomes—one of healthcare reform’s primary goals.

FACIS (Comprehensive Exclusions)

FACIS® is a database of 10 million records from 5,000 primary sources on provider exclusions, sanctions, and adverse events. FACIS delivers 360-degree transparency on providers, staff, and entities for the organizations who hire, credential, refer, and reimburse for healthcare delivery. When it comes to keeping customers and patients safe, you need the gold standard.


License & Other Data Verification

Provide a point-in-time verification of a professional license number, including status, issue and expiration date, primary source information, and any disciplinary action (current or historical). Searches aliases provided on each practitioner as part of the  search criteria and verification process