Life Science

Protect your reputation, research, and funding by screening your entire workforce including scientists, speakers, sales representatives, and vendors. Focus on creating positive impacts on patients lives, not the integrity of your employees and contractors

Transparency Brings Greater Protection


The work you do matters. So, don’t take risks that could damage your product, your reputation, or your compliance to the strict regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. Ensure every member of your team is thoroughly vetted.  

Verisys helps life remain compliant by exposing excluded individuals, entities, speakers, contractors, and vendors who contribute to your product. We’ll give you a clearer view of every individual and entity that contributes to your company’s mission.

Protect your product and maintain pharmaceutical compliance with these critical checkpoints

  • Workforce credentials verifications and continuous monitoring for exclusions, sanctions, and adverse events against more than 5,000 primary sources with FACIS.
  • Pharmaceutical licensing status and license expiration monitoring to assure ongoing compliance.
  • Fraud detection with a complete historical view of workforce credentials including precursors to exclusions and sanctions as part of the screening, verification, and monitoring process.
  • Risk mitigation strategies for procurement and supply chain management.
  • Fraud scheme prevention by verifying the credentials of scientists, speakers, sales representatives, and research and clinical trial participants.


FACIS (Comprehensive Exclusions)
License & Other Data Verification
Provider Data & Roster Management

FACIS (Comprehensive Exclusions)

FACIS® is a database of 10 million records from 5,000 primary sources on provider exclusions, sanctions, and adverse events. FACIS delivers 360-degree transparency on providers, staff, and entities for the organizations who hire, credential, refer, and reimburse for healthcare delivery. When it comes to keeping customers and patients safe, you need the gold standard.


License & Other Data Verification

Provide a point-in-time verification of a professional license number, including status, issue and expiration date, primary source information, and any disciplinary action (current or historical). Searches aliases provided on each practitioner as part of the  search criteria and verification process 

Provider Data & Roster Management

 Verisys’ provider directory management solutions transform often-flawed provider data into comprehensive, customizable directories that integrate seamlessly with your member portal. We display intricate networks how you want your members to see them, highlighting and tiering network providers just for them — including telemedicine providers.

By offering a more comprehensive, integrated provider search platform, you can keep current members satisfied and engaged while attracting new customers who want to strengthen member engagement. Moreover, by delivering relevant, actionable information, consumers can make informed decisions leading to better outcomes—one of healthcare reform’s primary goals.

Are you ready for the DSCSA? Check out our white paper here

CheckMedic is a SaaS platform that streamlines end-to-end provider credentialing, monitoring, and data management.
VerisysConnect offers an efficient and highly accurate means to perform data inquires and primary source verification for provider credentialing and compliance through its self-serve engine.
Enrollment accelerates and simplifies the application, verification, and attestation process for network providers.
Data Services improves data accuracy, timeliness, and quality by eliminating inaccurate and incomplete provider data.
Provider Directory meets compliance and consumer demands for easy-to-use online, mobile, and printed formats.
Verified License Search and Status, VLSS, assures that the licenses, registrations, and certifications held by a provider are current, in good standing, and in line with credentialing, privileging, and enrollment requirements.
ProviderCheck gives an instant pass/fail status on the five critical data points of a prescriber’s status. Dispense and file claims with certainty.
Network Management strengthens your provider relationship management with a custom Salesforce app.