FACIS Licensure, FACIS Data Verification & Monitoring

Verisys verifies professional licenses and other data sets with primary sources using automation and robotics. Verisys verifies the license number, status, issue and expiration dates, and any current or historical disciplinary actions.

Verisys Monitoring & Verification
Real Time Verification

License Verifications in Real-time Powered by Robotics

Verisys is a real-time transaction engine that protects organizations from fines and exposure by actively verifying and gathering data on health care providers from licensing boards in all U.S. States and jurisdictions.

Our vbots scrape data from 56 U.S. Jurisdictions and all 800+ taxonomies as it is published and continually update our provider profiles. For each provider, professional license monitoring looks for changes in license status over time. License statuses can be monitored daily and alerted immediately if a change is published.

License monitoring includes both active expiration tracking based on the primary source expiration date and renewal verification notifications are sent upon verified cation of any change in license status, a notice of expiration dates, and notice of any new sanctions or disciplinary actions. Verisys reviews current licenses and certifications but also reviews licenses a provider has held previously in other states and jurisdictions or professions. Verisys monitors all licenses identified for expiration and status changes published by the board. This solution provides a real-time view 

License Action Examples:

  • Status of license
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Upcoming expirations
  • Real-time status changes
  • Additional licenses in all states and states where the provider has lived previously
  • Identifies state hoppers
Provider Type Examples:

  • MD, DO, NP
  • PT and OT
  • Technicians
  • Pharmacist
  • Dental
  • Social Workers
  • Speech Pathologist
  • CNA, HHA


of Individuals Submitted are Identified


Verification Accuracy Rate

CheckMedic is a SaaS platform that streamlines end-to-end provider credentialing, monitoring, and data management.
VerisysConnect offers an efficient and highly accurate means to perform data inquires and primary source verification for provider credentialing and compliance through its self-serve engine.
Enrollment accelerates and simplifies the application, verification, and attestation process for network providers.
Data Services improves data accuracy, timeliness, and quality by eliminating inaccurate and incomplete provider data.
Provider Directory meets compliance and consumer demands for easy-to-use online, mobile, and printed formats.
Verified License Search and Status, VLSS, assures that the licenses, registrations, and certifications held by a provider are current, in good standing, and in line with credentialing, privileging, and enrollment requirements.
ProviderCheck gives an instant pass/fail status on the five critical data points of a prescriber’s status. Dispense and file claims with certainty.
Network Management strengthens your provider relationship management with a custom Salesforce app.

FACIS Data Verification & Monitoring

Below is a sample of the FACIS datasets verified and monitored: 

Abuse Registry
Sex Offender Registry
DEA Verification
CDS Verification
SSA-DMF Verification
Affiliations Verification
Civil and Criminal Background Check
Domestic Education Verification
Foreign Education Verification
SSN Verification and Address History

Screens the National Sex Offender Database for all U.S. states, tribes, and territories and provides the identities and locations of sex offenders

Primary sourced from the DEA via the NTIS. Searches DEA registrants (prescribers, distributors, and wholesalers of controlled substances)

Controlled Dangerous Substance – Verify the provider’s CDS license number, including status, issue and expiration date, primary source information, and any disciplinary action.

Social Security Administration Death Master File Verification –

The SSA-DMF contains records of deaths reported to SSA and contains SSN, Name, DOB, Date of Death, State, and ZIP code.

Screens U.S. and foreign data sources for data related to Anti-Money Laundering (AML), terrorists, fugitives, most wanted criminals, etc.

Verify the provider’s affiliation(s) and the department or service, staff status, number of admissions, time spent at the facility and dates.

Search of Federal District Courts, County Courts, and Upper Civil Courts for records of federal offenses, civil suits, and criminal convictions at the  federal, state, and county levels.

Verify the provider’s school, dates of attendance or graduation, and degree/ major. Verifying the highest level of education related to the profession.

Verify the completion of the ECFMG or FPGEC Certifications as they relate to this educational requirement.

An SSN Trace validates the history of past, present, and also known as names and aliases connected with a Social Security Number.

Employment History
NPI Validation
PECOS Enrollment
Medical Training Verification
Military History Verification
Motor Vehicle Driving History
Peer Reference Verification
Malpractice Certificate of Insurance Verification
Specialty Board Certification Verification
Malpractice Claims History Verification

Verify the provider’s previous employment including employer, start and end dates, title, and point of contact’s name and information (up to 10 yrs)

Validation that the NPI number is a match to the provider and entity type.

Provide the PECOS enrollment status of a provider enrolled in Medicare.

Verify the provider’s submitted training, internship, residency and/or fellowship (highest level) including program type, specialty, and dates.

Verify a provider’s military work history. Provider must complete an SF 180 in order to obtain the provider’s service records (DD Form 214)

Verify the provider’s driver’s license number, status, state of insurance, and driving history report.

Contact each provider’s professional/peer references to garner opinions of the practitioners skills, character, and professional competency. Verisys will  make three attempts at contact over the course of two weeks.

Screens NPDB when Verisys is designated as the Authorized Agent on the NPDB account with the NPDB Continuous Query option activated.

Obtain a copy of the current malpractice policy binder (insurance fact sheet) with dates and amount of coverage – Going back 5 years.

Search for a single board certification based on provider type and verification of board classification, specialty, designation, and certifying board.

Verify the provider’s malpractice settlements and/or judgements for the submitted malpractice carriers – Going back 5 years.