The healthcare industry has rapidly evolved, and with that, the need for a reliable and comprehensive provider sanction and exclusion database became increasingly apparent. Verisys introduced the Fraud Abuse Control Information System (FACIS) to meet this growing need in 1993. Initially, FACIS aggregated data from licensing boards, the Office of Inspector General (OIG), and other select federal databases. 

Since then, the FACIS database has grown considerably, and today, it is recognized as the most trusted and comprehensive database for exclusion, debarment, sanction, and disciplinary action records. In fact, we continue to add an average of 75,000 new records to our database every month. FACIS undergoes rigid quality assurance, ensuring the information you receive is accurate and high-quality. 

Despite the recent emergence of competitors in this field, FACIS remains the industry leader and gold standard for provider exclusion and sanction monitoring. Here are four reasons why compliance experts at major healthcare organizations choose FACIS.

#1 FACIS pulls data for every taxonomy from the lowest level employee to the highest level licensed professional. 

With over 30 years of verified data, the breadth of our longitudinal database provides unmatched coverage and accuracy. A single inquiry in FACIS screens your data against more than 500 million current and historical state and federal records for all 868 taxonomies in all U.S. states and jurisdictions. Our identity-to-match accuracy sits at 99.97%, making our accuracy hard to beat. 

#2 FACIS contains more than 2,200 primary sources not available in most other databases. 

Alongside the 5,600 state and federal primary sources available with FACIS 1M, Verisys’ FACIS 3 incorporates an additional 2,600 state sources. This makes FACIS 3 the most comprehensive provider exclusion and sanction database available. 

#3 FACIS is rich in leading indicators, allowing you to address problems before they surface.

Verisys’ active aggregate model reviews court proceedings, board meeting minutes, and other sources to proactively identify potential legal or disciplinary actions against your monitored population. The advantage lies in gaining insight into pending disciplinary actions months before any official board action or updates to the OIG exclusion list are made. 

#4 Real-time monitoring of FACIS data alerts you of status changes for your monitored population.

Verysis’ advanced technology pulls data from primary sources as it is published, giving you real-time information with unparalleled data acquisition. We screen your monitored population against new data as it enters FACIS. Should any new sanction, exclusion, or disciplinary action be detected within your monitored population, you are instantly notified. Furthermore, our portal offers the ability to set up alerts for tracking license expirations, notifying you well in advance when a renewal is due.

By unlocking your 360-degree view of all your providers, employees, and vendors with FACIS’ high-quality data, you can mitigate risk to your patients and organization. So, don’t delay; schedule a demo of FACIS today!