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April 25, 2019

It was a beautiful, warm evening along the Wasatch Front on Tuesday, April 23rd when the spring softball season kicked off for the coed team at Verisys Corporation. The sun was just beginning to set as players began to warm up their arms for season 2, and the energy was high! The team welcomed several new players this year, everyone sporting new jerseys, and the lineup was set.

Verisys batted first, finishing the inning with several solid hits and some runs on the scoreboard. There was no shortage of high-fives, fist bumps, cheering and shouts of encouragement for each and every member of the team. The players then took the field and made some great plays to hold the score at 4-3 after a couple of innings. The sun dipped past the horizon and the overhead lights lit up the field; the team’s energy continued to soar. Inning after inning more runs were earned and the defense in the field was solid. At the end of the game, Verisys had finished on top with a final score of 11-4. What a great way to start out the season!

As a health care technology company, most days are spent working indoors, sitting at a desk. Although the various departments at Verisys collaborate on a daily basis, the time spent outside of the office playing softball together gives these employees a fun and casual setting to get to know co-workers and other team members on a more personal level. The atmosphere at the games is extremely positive and supportive, regardless of one’s skill level, and everyone is there to have a good time, win or lose.

Verisys supports active, teambuilding activities and encourages its employees to live a healthy lifestyle. Sponsoring a spring softball team is just one of the ways it does this. By season 3 there may be so many willing participants, a second team may need to be created! Until then, come cheer on the Verisys players in blue!

Juliette Willard Written by Juliette Willard
Healthcare Communications Specialist
Being creative is my passion! Writer. Painter. Problem Solver. Optimist.
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