Verisys gives you comprehensive provider data management with CheckMedic, the industry’s largest data-powered SaaS Credentialing and Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) Platform.


CheckMedic eliminates redundant administrative processes and burdensome work for the medical staff services team at health systems, health plans, hospitals, retail pharmacies, and medical clinics. Get peace of mind knowing Verisys is your proven Credentials Verification Organization (CVO).

Features you’ll love:

  • Expiration notifications
  • Visual, intuitive reporting dashboard
  • Central, secure document repository
  • Confidential, safe, secure platform with access to provider data 24/7

The CheckMedic platform continuously accesses Verisys’ comprehensive database of more than 320 million records that includes FACIS, the sex offender registry, abuse registries, the Social Security Administration Death Master File, and thousands of additional primary source publishers. Verisys pulls and aggregates data from licensing boards and agencies nationwide and can verify current and historical license and registration data across every U.S. jurisdiction for all practice types.

Automation makes the dream work:

  • Checks, verifies, and monitors credentials against primary source data
  • Pre-populates provider data fields and resolves contested data
  • Automatically creates your digital credentialing profile, the MedPass


Comprehensive provider data management

Having a turnkey solution for compliance, credentialing, and provider data management improves your bottom line. Condense the margin of a typical eight-week time frame to one week for onboarding, credentialing, and filing claims.

Benefits unique to CheckMedic:

  • Accelerates revenue streams with turnkey credentialing and onboarding
  • Streamlines and improves provider recruitment and retention
  • Monitors against exclusions, debarments, sanctions, and disciplinary actions with FACIS
  • Verifies all records from primary sources and validates third-party and personally attested information
  • Secures provider inclusion in payer networks
  • Provides authentic documentation during audits
  • Meets the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) legal requirements
Verisys’ provider data management and technology solutions are secure, configurable, and proven. Isn’t it time you choose Verisys and effortlessly reduce risk to your patients and your organization while providing exceptional care?

Medpass goes where you go

The MedPass gives providers and other stakeholders remote, secure access to an individual’s or entity’s digital credentialing profile. Data is handled differently based on whether it’s static or dynamic. Once static data, such as date of birth and education are verified, those fields are locked so that no alterations can be made and will never have to be primary source verified again. Dynamic data derived from monitoring is added to CheckMedic on a timeline that tracks each instance a new record is found and verified as a match.

While CheckMedic is your centralized, single source of truth for your entire enterprise, the MedPass is an individual digital profile, or medical credentialing hub for each provider, staff, and entity. Results of monitoring with CheckMedic transfer to the MedPass so it is always current. Since it’s portable and securely accessed with assigned user rights, the MedPass is perfect for verifying credentials for telemedicine, locum tenens, hospitalists, and traveling nurses.

Verisys eliminates the blind spots and guesswork on the administrative side so you can focus on provider development and your providers can focus on patient care.

We’re the real deal

Verisys began collecting provider data for the FACIS database in 1992 and launched CheckMedic, the first data-powered SaaS credentialing solution, in 2012. CheckMedic’s team of developers works tirelessly to improve the user experience, assure data privacy, and stay ahead of the ever-changing requirements of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) in healthcare.

Verisys’ staff of more than 500 is comprised of highly trained experts in compliance, data acquisition, data management, verification using sophisticated matching algorithms, software development, data security, IT, and customer support. That’s why the largest healthcare organizations in the country choose Verisys and rely on CheckMedic for a comprehensive provider data management solution.

We practice what we preach

We know and live by the details and rigors of healthcare industry certifications and accreditations. Verisys is NCQA certified and URAC accredited as a Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) as well as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, and AICPA SOC 2 certified. Our compliance team will ensure you are compliant to the quality standards you are committed to such as Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP), National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), The Joint Commission (TJC), and Utilization Review Accreditation Organization (URAC). CheckMedic was created to meet each one of these standards, making it the leading turnkey solution for provider credentialing and compliance.

All your credentials. All in one place

CheckMedic centralizes and assures provider data quality and delivers an intuitive interface for providers and administration across your entire enterprise. Typically, employment screening and credentialing are siloed departments within a healthcare system. This creates many issues not only for the provider, but for the Chief Medical Officer, the credentialing committee, the medical staff office, and Human Resources. Here is a common scenario:

Disparate data sources

HR uses its favorite source for employment screening to verify the applicant for the cardiovascular department. Search results return a “clear” status, and the applicant moves forward to the medical staff services department to begin the credentialing process.

Time gaps in primary source data acquisition

The medical staff services department begins the credentials verification process, and five weeks pass before the licensing board responds to the request to verify license status. The wait is even longer for verification of the provider’s specialty certifications for heart valve replacement. Eight weeks later, most of the verifications have come through and the application is brought to the credentialing committee.

Wait, something’s not right here

The credentialing committee reviews the application and approves it while awaiting the collection of peer reviews. Meanwhile, one of the medical staff services experts notices a red flag.

I thought you loaded the sleeping bags

Upon further examination, it is discovered that the applicant is debarred and in the process of appealing an exclusion. The health system’s onboarding process allowed for the assumption that HR’s background screening data source included exclusion screening against a current and reliable database that publishes other adverse actions that are predictive to exclusion such as debarments, sanctions, and disciplinary actions which is what FACIS delivers instantly.

Who’s going to break it to him?

The Medical Director recommends rescinding the original offer and ceases the application process. After eight weeks now, the applicant files a complaint against the hospital with the state medical board for breach of contract. And the search begins again to fill the spot in cardiovascular surgery.

We back you all the way

The safety of your patients depends on making sound hiring decisions and ensuring that the licenses of your staff are current and in line with privileges. CheckMedic gives you the best data, a powerful, dynamic platform, and a dedicated compliance and credentialing team with deep knowledge to guide you every step of the way.

With CheckMedic as your trusted credentialing platform, you ensure your patients come first and your organization avoids exposure to legal, regulatory, and reputational risk.

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