FACIS & Life Science

Sanction screening & monitoring is a vital part of a compliance program for life science organizations. Whether you are running clinical trials, bringing new products to market, helping to distribute products, or selling directly to consumers, you need to ensure that your workforce is compliant. Verisys offers the most comprehensive sanction monitoring dataset available in the healthcare industry with FACIS. FACIS monitors over 5,600 state and federal primary sources in real time to ensure you have a complete understanding of who you are working with. Some potential use cases include

  • Workforce

    • With FACIS you can screen and monitor your entire workforce to ensure there are no sanctions, exclusions, or debarments in your organization.
  • Facilities

    •  FACIS goes beyond individuals and is able to screen and monitor facilities and supply chain to ensure they do not have any adverse action against them.
  • Contractors

    • Monitor any contractors including marketing, lab staff, and representatives to ensure they do not have any current or historical adverse actions

Beyond FACIS and sanctions monitoring, organizations can utilize Verisys to monitor license status, monitor additional data sets such as DEA and Abuse Registry, and credential all medical providers to ensure compliance.