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Harness data and technology to streamline healthcare governance, risk management, compliance, credentialing, and provider enrollment across all industry segments for a better healthcare system.


Every market segment in the healthcare industry faces the same challenges but in different ways. Verisys resolves each unique challenge with the core of excellent data coupled with search portals and comprehensive, interoperable software. Verisys has proven success with these market segments:

Verisys delivers innovative, proven, comprehensive solutions to healthcare’s most difficult challenges: redundant credentialing and enrollment processes that cause provider burnout and delayed revenue; siloed approaches to provider data management and compliance; and the billion-dollar annual cost of healthcare fraud.

Here’s how:

  • For nearly 30 years, Verisys has collected and aggregated 10 million records from 5,000 sources for its proprietary database, Fraud Abuse Control Information System, FACIS. Growing daily, FACIS is the gold standard of quality provider data for exclusions, debarments, sanctions, and disciplinary actions.
  • CheckMedic serves health plans, retail pharmacies, hospitals, telehealth, state Medicaid agencies, and pharmaceutical companies with its comprehensive credentialing platform that generates a MedPass for each individual and entity in the CheckMedic platform.
  • The MedPass is an individual digital profile designed for ease of viewing access via username and password used to accelerate the credentialing process for enrollment, referrals, telemedicine, traveling nurses, locum tenens, and hospitalists.
  • VerisysConnect is Verisys’ self-serve search and verification portal that instantly delivers search results from thousands of primary sources 24/7. Verifications can be added to dynamic data sets.
  • Verisys’ Enrollment solution accelerates and simplifies the application, verification, and attestation process for network providers.
  • Data Services improves data accuracy, timeliness, and quality by eliminating inaccurate and incomplete provider data.
  • Verisys’ Provider Directory solution meets compliance and consumer demands for easy-to-use online, mobile, and printed formats.
  • Verified License Search and Status (VLSS), Verisys’ exclusive service offering allows its customers to view entire histories of licensure in all U.S. jurisdictions and for every practice type.
  • ProviderCheck instantly verifies a prescriber’s credentials with five key data points and gives a pass/fail response in transactional systems or on an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Network Management strengthens your provider relationship management with a custom Salesforce app.



transforms disparate big data into meaningful and verified information. This gives healthcare payers, providers, suppliers, and workforce management companies peace of mind through interoperable managed solutions.


primary source content
on individuals and entities


Exclusions, debarments,
sanctions, and
disciplinary actions


DNV, HFAP, NCQA, TJC, and URAC primary source standards requirements


License, registration and certification status for every jurisdiction and practitioner type


Continuous monitoring against thousands of primary sources for adverse actions, licensure, registration, and certifications


Automated alerts of adverse actions, practice impairments, and reminders of license renewal


Turn-key solution powered by the industry’s first data-powered SaaS credentialing platform, CheckMedic