The compliance and credentialing challenges facing pharmacy retail chain enterprises today are huge and nearly insurmountable. Verisys brings the data and technology to the table that streamlines and automates the tasks of compliance, screening, verifications, credentialing and monitoring.


Verisys applies its superior data sets and SaaS tools to provide pharmacy retail chains with THE single source of truth. With many locations and “chains of command” it is often difficult to navigate compliance standards and the idiosyncrasies for each jurisdiction and licensing board. Verisys has designed a set of tools specifically for the unique challenges facing pharmacy retail chains on an enterprise level. It takes an integrated, efficient approach to mitigating risk from an operational perspective.


CheckMedic is the tool that ensures your staff is properly credentialed. From the time you screen and verify the credentials of your staff members, to the ongoing monitoring, CheckMedic automates the process so you have a credentialing record at your fingertips with all the current information on each member of your staff.


ProviderCheck provides a pass/fail at the time of prescription dispensing and integrates with pharmacy management software via an application interface, deployed as a web service for other pharmacy applications, or delivered as a system-importable data file. It can also integrate with your claims system to ensure that only valid and authenticated claims are submitted for reimbursement.

The cost to implement an integrated approach through Verisys and its data and SaaS tools is minuscule compared to the risk and inevitability of:

  • Fines
  • Reputational Loss
  • Legal Entanglement

Let Verisys handle all of your compliance, screening, verifications, credentialing, monitoring, and focus on your business.