Verisys Team Integration, Customer Collaboration, and The Avengers

Jun 7, 2019 | Blog

Verisys Holds QBR to Foster Collaboration, Celebrate, and Solve Big Challenges in Health Care

What do The Avengers have to do with how Verisys operates as a company? More than you might realize. The Avengers are a group of diverse individuals with varying skills who have joined forces for a common goal: to make the world a better place and to eliminate the bad guys. Verisys, a Credentialing Verification Organization, has a very similar mission: to make the world a better place by elevating the level of health care across the U.S., making it safer for patients by removing providers who cause harm.

Team Integration is the Key to Fulfilling this Mission

The Verisys sales team and customer teams are located across the U.S. working remotely and traveling often to meet with our customers and potential clients. The sales and marketing teams, along with account managers, engineering, operations, and Verisys leadership, recently spent a few days together reviewing goals and celebrating wins, brainstorming, collaborating, strengthening relationships, and going over processes with open and honest feedback. This meeting was a chance to recognize and express appreciation for what is working well for our customers, and to identify what needs improvement. Our clients continually battle to improve the quality of health care in our nation, and our goal is to aid them in providing the safest, highest quality of patient care we can.

When multiple teams within Verisys come together regularly to collaborate and problem solve, this leads to better solutions for our clients. People on the sales team think differently than those in engineering, who think differently than those in operations. When all of these teams bring the challenges they face to the table, it allows for many different perspectives which leads to fresh ideas, better solutions, and innovation. This level of team integration results in better processes and a better product for our clients, and ultimately the patient they serve.

Team Building Activities and Leaving Comfort Zones

The Avengers don’t change the world by staying away from the action, they boldly charge into the fight. Stepping out of the comfort zones we have, forces a team to face their challenges and try new things. It fosters accelerated growth and leads to cutting edge innovations. One way the Verisys teams were forced to get “uncomfortable” during our QBR was an evening spent away from the board room at Alcatraz Escape Games. Zombie Apocalypse, with a live zombie trying to thwart your escape, and Prison Break, where you have to escape being handcuffed before you can attempt to escape the room, were not ‘comfortable’. Thrilling, fun, scary, exhilarating, and bonding, yes! Who knew that fast-paced problem solving, screaming, and running for your life could combine to create so much laughter, good vibes, and teamwork?

Having opportunities to connect and solve problems on a regular basis is the key to success when teams are separated geographically. This is done in person on a quarterly basis and weekly on team calls. Staying in close communication with each member of the team creates a feeling of unity. Like The Avengers, we have one another’s backs. We support each individual in order to accomplish our company’s mission. Cohesive teams work better together thus benefiting the company as a whole because one person’s success is everyone’s success.

Verisys Sales Team Members are Better Defined as Collaborative Consultants

Members of the Verisys customer-facing teams have spent their entire careers in their respective health care markets and are experts in their fields. They were handpicked, not unlike The Avengers, for their individual talents and together they stand apart as a truly stellar team. They work extremely hard collaborating with our customers and potential clients to solve the complex challenges in each segment of the health care industry. Strategizing together on a regular basis facilitates discussions on hot topics in health care, as well as brainstorming possible solutions. Verisys is committed to making a difference and helping our customers with challenges such as patient safety, compliance, and the fight against opioids.

Verisys leadership, account managers, engineering, sales, and all of our teams are committed to protecting patients and assisting our customers to solve the complex health care challenges they face on a daily basis. This ongoing collaboration between Verisys teams and our clients is the key to elevating health care in the U.S. and to meeting and exceeding each organization’s needs. Our joint efforts to identify and eliminate bad health care providers are making the world a better place for patients. This unwavering commitment to make a positive impact blurs the lines between our teams and creates a formidable and unified force that is not afraid to stand up and do battle.

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