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Data-Driven Platforms to Ensure Compliance


FACIS® is the gold standard in data used for screening, verifying, and monitoring your population of individuals and entities. FACIS is known industry-wide for its expansive primary sources and data products that date back to 1993.

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CheckMedic is an online credentialing and management tool. It uses trusted data to help protect patients, sustain your reputation, ensure compliance and speed onboarding. The MedPass is created from the CheckMedic process and is an all-inclusive, portable profile.

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ProviderCheck performs close to real-time checking of provider credentials before your organization bills a federal or state health care program. It’s not if, but when you undergo an OIG audit. ProviderCheck protects you against fines and ensures your full compliance.

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Verified License Search and Status

VLSS protects organizations from fines and exposure by actively acquiring, verifying, and monitoring primary source data on health care providers from licensing boards across all U.S. states, jurisdictions, and territories.

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Verisys Connect

Single Inquiry of Multiple Primary Sources Verisys Connect is a real-time data search response engine that saves organizations time and money by delivering instant results on searches of thousands of primary sources on an individual or entity, with a single inquiry. With its easy-to-use self-service platform, Verisys Connect performs a variety of searches and verifications….