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Training your Verification Staff

June 29, 2016

Part 3 of 6 – Tips from Craig’s Verification Tips on Staffing for The Art and Science of Verifications.

After talking with many CRAs over the years, I have found that training new verification staff often falls to the most senior verification staff and consists of “showing them the ropes.” This is not scalable and it can be hard to measure. If you have more than a few verification staff, here’s what I recommend you do to build a results-oriented training program.

  1. 1. List out all the things a new verifier needs to learn, i.e. about the company; phone manners; basic orientation to the screens; putting phone and screens together; working new orders; working in-progress orders, etc.

2. Break content into lessons.

3. Create a master lesson plan for the teacher that covers every step of every lesson and the transitions in between.

4. Create a lesson plan for the students including hands-on simulation training, mixed media presentations (video clips, camtasia simulations, and screen shots) with text.

  1. 5. Build small, open book tests into the conclusion of each lesson.

The teacher needs to lead the students with passion and confidence. He/She needs to know their stuff and where they are leading the students from the start to the end of the process. The teacher cannot just read text aloud or hand the students a lesson plan to follow; the teacher must deliver the material with passion for the company values; they must convey the lessons using eye contact to confirm the students have received it; they must breathe life into it.

Craig Caddell, Vice President of CRA Solutions at ClearStar has authorized Verisys to repost Craig’s Verification Tips.

Craig Caddell Written by Craig Caddell
Vice President, Strategic Alliances at Lowers Risk Group
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