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Reference Pro

ReferencePro Background Check & Employment Verification

ReferencePro was acquired by Verisys back in 2011. Recently, Verisys moved the ReferencePro offices from Spokane Washington to Salt Lake City, Utah. During this transition, we have reached out to our existing clients to alert them of the move and to prevent any disruptions in service. If you have any questions regarding the move or about ReferencePro services, please contact us.

ReferencePro was created for background screening firms and employers that need pre-employment background checks and employment verifications performed by a workforce to deliver precise, consistent and timely results every business day across every time zone. We adhere to the following standards and guidelines to ensure this.

Our industry experts verify employment, education, and credentials worldwide 24 hours a day from our secure U.S. operations center. Get back to running your business by delegating your screening processes and primary source verifications to Verisys. With our U.S. based verifications and pre-employment background check experts, we are the most reliable and trusted screening and verification service out there.

QUALITY – To ensure we deliver, we uphold these quality standards among others

At Verisys, quality makes all the difference. That means having a call center and our data located in a secure U.S. location. It means hiring service and research specialists trained to maintain the highest standards. We review orders in progress for adherence to our Standard Operating Procedures and our customers’ individual rules. All inconclusive results are reviewed and additional steps are determined, if any, can be taken prior to closing them. Background checks, screening, drug testing, and a 12-week training course are all routine, mandatory steps taken to ensure each researcher we hire is a good fit for us and for our customers.

SECURITY – Protecting the data entrusted to us is the highest infrastructure priority

ReferencePro has possibly the most articulate set of domestic and international work rules in the industry however that doesn’t mean we are rigid. We understand the goal is to complete employment verifications, background checks, and references.

The cornerstone of our approach is called EVP+3 which means we must first Establish the Verifying Party (EVP) before we consider any further attempts as “solid” attempts. After EVP we make, at a minimum, three solid attempts – one per day for three sequential business days. Individualized customer rules may alter the number of attempts we make.

To discuss your specific requirements please call us now at 866-647-5564 (Customer Service), and for a complete set of our work rules please email us:

Every manager at ReferencePro is responsible for and available to provide customer service. In addition, we have a full-time customer service representative who monitors and responds to email and voicemail messages with the goal of replying in one-hour or less.

When issues arise, we work to resolve them from the moment we become aware of them until they are resolved. No excuses. Just action.



Accio Data

Accio Data provides our industry leading software platform to screening services of all sizes. Whether you need extreme scalability, hundreds of customizable parameters, excellent interconnectivity, or just a great looking web platform.


BackChecked instantly puts you on par with the biggest players in the background screening industry. Your clients get the on-line features they demand. You get a modern back-office system. You’re also directly connected to key data suppliers via XML. You get unlimited use for a flat monthly cost. No start-up fees. No transaction fees. You brand it. You control it. No servers to manage. No programmers to hire. We already have everything you need.


A 2009 honoree in Inc. magazine’s annual ranking of the 5, 000 fastest-growing private companies in the country, is a trusted provider of strategic services and decision making information for background screening firms.’s proven technology infrastructure is HR-XML Consortium certified and sets the foundation for a strong community of progressive, independent retailers who provide risk mitigation, employment and tenant screening services. and its distribution network have been facilitating confident business decisions by serving consumers of public records since 1995.


Founded in 1998, deverus is the leading provider of mission-critical workflow solutions to the background check industry. Employers and background check companies run over a million background checks per month using online solutions from deverus, which continuously strives to set new industry standards for system uptime, quality of service, and client support. More information about deverus, including a white paper explaining the company’s ongoing efforts to increase system reliability and minimize downtime for background screeners, is available at

Epic Concepts

Epic Concepts is a software integrator specializing in secure data communications. With over two decades of experience in software development and support of mission critical systems involving personal confidential data, we are experienced and can handle the changing business climate in this industry. "EZyCHECK" is a 100% .NET and PCI DSS Certified Secure platform which assures our dedication of protecting all parties. Epic integrates with ReferencePro and can also help generate additional revenue streams with an ATS option. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capability and industry knowledge. Experience the “Easy” in “EZyCheck” by taking a look soon.


FRS is the background screening industry's most widely utilized technology with more than 200 installations. Since 1993, the team at Imagination Technologies has been designing full-featured systems to give background screening companies the tools to simplify their day-to-day operations and better serve their clients. FRS enables it's users to operate more efficiently and more profitably by reducing their data processing time, improving their time service, and empowering them with the ability to deliver leading-edge system-to-system integration solutions and Internet ordering capabilities.


ISS not only provides full featured screening systems, ISS provides peace of mind. Peace of mind that the data their clients are entrusted with gathering is processed and stored securely. Their systems undergo strict scrutiny by a third-party auditor, in order to maintain Experian’s EI3PA Certification. ISS is a trusted technology partner and screening service provider, whose experience and diligence has been serving their clients well and giving them peace of mind, since 1991.


TazWorks, LLC, has worked hard over the years to develop the most efficient and user-friendly web-based background screening software in the industry. The result is InstaScreen Premiere 2.0 – affordable for your business and loaded with powerful features to help gather the information you need quickly and easily. TazWorks is a committed partner in your company’s continual success. Read more about our InstaScreen Premiere 2.0 background screening software.

TeamScreen Solutions

TeamScreen Solutions is your resource for employment screening!
Registered Customers for TeamScreen will find complete resource guidelines and necessary forms for complying with the FCRA, Federal and State regulations for ordering consumer reports.

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