Background screening companies rely on ReferencePro™ for turnkey, accurate, and timely employment, education, and reference verification. One reliable stop searches and verifies thousands of global sources to cover multiple background screening requirements.

Leave it to Us

Staffing involves more than finding a match for skills and experience. The more your customers know about applicants, the better hiring decisions they will make. ReferencePro digs deep for the truth by searching thousands of domestic and international sources for full transparency of applicants. Leave it to us. ReferencePro is the turnkey solution for these key verification and reference items:

  • Education verification
  • Basic reference
  • Professional verification
  • Personal reference
  • Credentials verification
  • Peer reference
  • Department of Transportation
  • Professional reference

Background screening companies worldwide trust ReferencePro as the reliable source of accurate, historical, and current background screening and verification results from a highly trained verification team based in the U.S. accessing millions of aggregated records in Verisys’ powerful data platform.



ReferencePro was created for background screening firms and employers that need precise, consistent, and timely results on employment verifications and background checks every business day in every time zone.

Query sets, priorities, and turnaround times are in a constant state of change for background screening firms. Our systems and processes are purposely built to respond to fluctuations for quick scale-up demands. Our long-standing relationships with thousands of primary sources give us the ability to anticipate your needs and help you help your clients.


Our industry experts verify employment, education, and credentials worldwide from our secure U.S. operations center. Protecting data is Verisys’ highest priority so servers are co-located in redundant SSAE 16 certified, Tier 3 facilities that meet physical and electronic data protection requirements of a provider to National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) Accredited firms. With ReferencePro, you can grow your business knowing that you are covered with Verisys’ team of data verification experts.

ReferencePro is supported by top-level technology partners that excel in interconnectivity through software platforms and workflow solutions. When coupled with Verisys’ quality data and verification services, these strategic partnerships help ReferencePro customers simplify day-to-day operations and leverage revenue by reducing data processing time and streamlining systems integration.


ReferencePro is powered by Verisys’ employer and educational databases of more than 300,000 employers and 100,000+ educational institutions.

With our U.S.-based verifications and pre-employment background check experts, we are the most reliable and trusted screening and verification service in the industry.



At Verisys, quality makes all the difference. That means having a call center and our data co-located in secure U.S. locations. It means hiring service and research specialists trained to maintain the highest standards. It means inconclusive results are reviewed prior to closing them.

Processes we follow that ensure quality standards on every order:

  • Orders are continuously reviewed while in progress for adherence to our standard operating procedures and our customers’ business rules.
  • Inconclusive results are reviewed and evaluated to determine the need for, and the nature of, additional steps required prior to closing the order.
  • Individual researchers receive performance feedback in real-time. Training issues and review performance notes are shared and discussed with researchers weekly. Training and performance metrics are quantified and included in management reports.
  • Verisys conducts background checks, screening, drug testing, and a 12-week training course ensuring each researcher is a good fit for the work.



Protecting the data entrusted to us is the highest infrastructure priority

  • Our servers are co-located in redundant SSAE 16 certified, Tier 3 facilities.
  • Verisys meets all the physical and electronic data protection requirements of an Equifax reseller and as a provider to the NAPBS accredited firms.
  • All employees receive initial training in our Information Security policies at the time of hire followed by a mandatory annual review.
  • The operation center is a secure site employing the latest alarm and video surveillance systems plus security keyed entrance and controlled access to tiered data servers.



ReferencePro operates from a defined set of domestic and international work rules that accommodate the varied needs of service companies. ReferencePro also handles the constant flux of employment verifications, background checks, and references collection and verification.

The cornerstone of our approach is called EVP+3 which means we must first Establish the Verifying Party before considering any further attempts as “solid” attempts. After EVP, we make at a minimum, three solid attempts, one per day for three sequential business days unless an arrangement is made for additional attempts or greater frequency of attempts.



Every manager at ReferencePro is responsible for and available to provide customer service. In addition, we have a full-time customer service representative who monitors and responds to email and voicemail messages with the goal of replying in one hour or less. When issues arise, we work to resolve them immediately and stay focused until they are resolved.



  • Employment Verification – Attempts the verification of the applicant’s previous employment: start date, end date, title, salary, the reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, verifier name, verifier title, and verifier contact information
  • Education Verification – Attempts a verification of the applicant’s school attended, dates of attendance or graduation, degree, and/or major
  • Credentials Verification – Attempts verification with the state or federal issuing authority of the applicant’s license, certification, or credentials, the date of issue, expiration date, and status
  • Basic Reference – Attempts the verification of employment as described above plus up to five questions likely to be answered by HR such as attendance record and job description
  • Professional Reference – Attempts a reference from a single specified contact such as a co-worker or direct supervisor
  • Personal Reference – Attempts a reference from a single specified contact such as a friend or associate
  • Peer Reference– Attempts, on behalf of a medical provider, to conduct an extensive interview with a specified peer
  • DOT – Attempts a verification of the applicant’s previous or current Department of Transportation (DOT) related employment: start date, end date, title, salary, eligibility for rehire, and the reason for leaving, plus the standard DOT Drug and Alcohol questionnaire
  • International Employment – Attempts the verification of the applicant’s previous or current employment: start date, end date, and title along with verifier name, title, and contact information
  • International Education – Attempts the verification of the applicant’s attendance and the degree from provided school along with verifier name, title, and contact information
  • International References – Attempts to obtain professional references from past supervisors

ReferencePro helps background screening firms shine in the eyes of employers needing full transparency on candidates.

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