VerisysConnect is Verisys’ real-time search engine portal that saves you time and money by delivering instant search results from thousands of primary sources on an individual or entity with a single inquiry.

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Instant access to the data you need

Yes, it’s fast and easy. It’s also the real deal. Verisys has perfected the art and science of data quality, accessibility, verification, and secure delivery with the Verisys Connect portal. Healthcare delivery and payer organizations can screen, verify, and monitor with speed and accuracy.

Self-service is nice when you have total access anytime from anywhere. But when you need a hand with something, the Verisys customer care team is ready to answer your questions. We can guarantee informed answers regarding compliance, data, verifications, and our technology.

  • Access to FACIS, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), license boards, Social Security Administration Death Master File (SSA DMF), abuse, and sex offender registries
  • 24/7 self-serve access
  • Individual or entity / single or batch searches
  • 320 million+ aggregated records checked for matches
  • Consistent 99.9% verification accuracy
  • Compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Real-time results with the Verisys Connect dashboard that can be delivered via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), Application Programming Interface (API), or CheckMedic
  • Complete protection with Verisys verified provider data



Leaving no stone unturned for provider transparency means using FACIS, OFAC, and license status – the data triad for compliance.

  • FACIS: Verisys’ proprietary data set has more than 10 million aggregated records dating from 1992 to present on exclusions, debarments, sanctions, disciplinary, and other adverse actions derived from thousands of federal and state primary sources.
  • OFAC: Screening and monitoring against OFAC help prevent illegal drug and weapons trafficking. If a person or entity is sanctioned by OFAC, it’s prohibited to provide financial or material resources.
  • License status: It is important to know that a provider’s license is current, in good standing, and applicable to the practice type and granted privileges. These are essential to providing quality care while mitigating compliance breaches that can result in exclusion, sanctions, fines, civil monetary penalties, and catastrophic legal consequences.


Screening and monitoring should go beyond basic compliance requirements. Protecting patients is first. As important is protecting your staff, volunteers, and service providers from imposters, abusers, and sex offenders.

Screening your population against the following three data sets helps ensure the safety of your patients and staff.

  • Social Security Administration Death Master File: Identity theft is prolific and identity thieves have conjured innumerable ways to steal identities. One of the most common techniques is using a deceased person’s identity. In the healthcare industry, there are instances where an unqualified person uses the National Provider Identifier number (NPI), license, and registration numbers of a deceased physician to prescribe, practice medicine, order durable goods, or refer to self-serving studies or clinics. Make sure your providers are who they say they are!
  • Abuse registry: Verisys has compiled its own aggregated database from the respective State Department of Health abuse registries. One search produces results from states that keep and maintain an abuse registry. It is up to the healthcare organization to prevent harm to its staff and patients caused by serial abusers, whether it be a surgeon, a nurse, housekeeping, security, a primary care physician, or a volunteer.
  • Sex offender registry: The Department of Justice’s Office of Sex Offender Sentencing Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking (SMART) maintains the National Sex Offender Publish Registry (NSOPR) to protect the vulnerable—namely children—from falling victim to sex offenders. It is crucial to monitor the entire staff against the Sex Offender Registry and have policies and bylaws in place that enforce your best practices that protect staff and patients.

Adding Verisys’ verification of any match results that are returned prevents false positives in your population and helps to spot those trying to elude detection.

Lightning-fast answers

VerisysConnect instantly delivers search results from thousands of primary sources from an online self-serve search and verification portal.

VerisysConnect allows compliance and credentialing teams working remotely or from multiple locations to screen and monitor providers, staff, and entities.


Simplicity is essential when it comes to accessing critical information that keeps your operations running smoothly. With a simple log-in to VerisysConnect, the secure customer search portal, you can choose which data sets to search and whether to add verification. You and your team can search one name at a time, as well as submit bulk names in batches. In these times of rapid up-staffing, remote telemedicine services, and the need for lending medical staff in emergencies, instant 24/7 access to quality provider data is essential.


VerisysConnect can be used for exclusion screening and monthly monitoring with FACIS that accesses more than 5,000 primary sources for exclusions, debarments, sanctions, and disciplinary actions. In addition, VerisysConnect searches Verisys’ aggregated list of state abuse registries, the national list of registered sex offenders, OFAC, Social Security Administration Death Master File, professional licenses, and controlled substance registrations.

One search has you covered to know if a person or entity is excluded, listed on a registry, sanctioned by OFAC, using the stolen identity of a deceased person, as well as if they are properly licensed, and prescribing with the correct substance registration schedule.

In less than a minute, you have critical information for hiring, privileging, and referring. Searching each one of those data publishers individually delays onboarding and takes precious time and resources away from provider recruitment and enrollment.


It’s simple to add verifications to your FACIS, abuse, sex offender registries, and license inquiries. Verisys employs a team of verification analysts who are specially trained to resolve false positives and to verify true matches with current primary source data. A match category is assigned to each true match depicting the status and severity of the action. Both clear and match results are returned with full documentation of unaltered data from the primary sources.


Continuous monitoring keeps organizations safe, secure, and compliant with regulatory requirements and quality standards. Checking a provider’s credentials upon hiring is essential, but ongoing monitoring of an individual or entity is just as crucial to mitigate fraud and manage risk.

Things change over time. A provider may have no hits on an initial screening. But what’s true one day is often not true the next day, week, or month. It is the responsibility of the organization to continuously monitor its population and suppliers for all the same data points used for initial screening. When it’s this easy, continuous monitoring with a robust list of comprehensive data sets is a no-brainer.


Using VerisysConnect, clients can access the documents that were provided at the time of the initial inquiry when needed as reference material for an audit; we store your records and provide a list of all searches performed over the past six months.

We deliver the data your way. Whether through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), Application Programming Interface (API), CheckMedic, Verisys’ comprehensive platform, or via ProviderCheck Verisys’ prescriber verification transaction engine, we make it simple for you to access the data you need when you need it.

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