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Use of Verisys Names

Within the context of health care compliance, sanctions searching and monitoring, risk management, provider data collection and aggregation, credentials verification, or related activities (such as consultancy, training or conformity assessments) the name Verisys and its product and service names are the sole property of Verisys. Verisys protects its names. Verisys does not authorize the use of its names by any entity or organization in Internet domain names, names of Web sites, trademarks, companies, organizations, products, etc. Such use could mislead third parties into believing that the domain name, website, company, organization service, or product concerned represents Verisys, has been approved or authorized to act on behalf of Verisys, or belongs to Verisys.

Use of Verisys Logos or Marks

The Verisys logo and its product and service logos are trade or service marks. Unless authorized by Verisys, use of its logos or marks is prohibited. Examples of unacceptable use of the Verisys logos or marks would include use on products, in publications, on Internet sites, in marketing materials, advertisements, and company letterheads.

Cases of Misuse of the Name Verisys, Verisys Product, or Service Names in Domain Names

Verisys will not tolerate individuals who either unintentionally, or with the intent of exploiting the Verisys reputation, carry out training, consultancy, or service activities using Internet domains which include the company or product or service marks. Therefore, Verisys declares that these companies or individuals are not affiliated with or sponsored by Verisys, do not have any relationship whatsoever with Verisys, and, as such, are not authorized or approved to act on behalf of Verisys, and are not entrusted by Verisys to sell or deliver Verisys products or services.

Verisys takes action in cases of misuse of the Verisys name. For example, Verisys will contact the owners of such domain names requesting them to cease use of the domains containing “Verisys” or any of its product trademarks or service service marks. Verisys expects owners of domain names to voluntarily agree to cease the use of confusing domain names. When a “paper” owner does not comply with Verisys’s request, Verisys will submit its complaint to the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center seeking a transfer of the domain name with no remuneration to the prior claimed “paper” owner, squatter, or infringer. Verisys may take additional actions to protect its intellectual capital and property.