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Will Cross Employee Spotlight

May 17, 2019

This is Will Cross and he’s a Content Automation Developer. He creates and maintains our V-bots which collect data from online sources to add to our system. He loves to play video games, with his favorites being the Pokemon games. In other words, he’s basically the very best–the best there ever was. If he had to choose a Pokemon sidekick, it would be Honchkrow. We just need to figure out what team Will’s on from Pokemon Go, so we can take over gyms throughout our business complex. Since being promoted to Dad two years ago, he loves dad jokes. “When did the chicken cross the road?” He hasn’t crossed the road yet, but he Will Cross – LOL! He enjoys learning and sharing random facts, which means he’s our walking Wikipedia page. Thank you so much, Will! We appreciate everything you do! “Gotta catch em’ all!”