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Virginia Personal Health Care Scam Denies Disabled Boy Needed Care

December 1, 2016

Three people are indicted for health care fraud when they were found having defrauded Medicaid for more than $350,000.

The grand jury indicted Deborah Branch, 64, Melissa Harr, 49 and Bryan Harr, 40 of health care fraud, conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud, and two counts of wire fraud.

Prosecutors say that Branch was employed by a couple to care for their disabled son in 2010. And from that time forward, the Harrs submitted timesheets for Branch for services paid for by Virginia Medicaid through the Intellectual Disability waiver program.

Of the $350,000 Medicaid dollars paid out for services not rendered, more than $207,000 went to Branch.

Not only have tax-payer dollars been misappropriated, but a disabled child who needed responsible and specific care outlined by the program was denied care designed to help him thrive.

Susen Sawatzki Written by Susen Sawatzki
Healthcare Industry Expert
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