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Verisys is a Proud Utah Patriot Partner

November 10, 2017

Verisys Corporation received official designation as a Utah Patriot Partner this month and proudly joins Utah businesses in considering hiring Veterans as a first choice.

Utah’s Governor, Gary Herbert and the Utah Department of Workforce Services invite Utah businesses to become a Patriot Partner and join in honoring those who have served in the Armed Forces by offering employment. Benevolence and gratitude are the inspiration to prioritize hiring Veterans. As stated in the Pledge: “As Abraham Lincoln stated in his second inaugural address, it is our duty ‘to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan…’ Each of our Veterans made profound sacrifices to protect freedom and democracy and to keep us safe. Pledging support to Veterans is one way to express heartfelt gratitude.”

A document as part of being a Patriot Partner also outlines 21 benefits to hiring Veterans who have acquired unique qualities through his and her military training and experience. Leadership skills are a priority in the military and the concept of teamwork, leading with precision, and thriving under pressure are attributes engrained through military training as well as the discipline of being drug-free and many have security clearance representing trustworthiness.

Tannen Graham, Manager of Talent Acquisition at Verisys Corporation says, “Verisys made the pledge to become a Patriot Partner. We are honored to support our local community and those who served. There are many reasons why Verisys has pledged to hire veterans. The training and experiences each vet is exposed to adds value and unique qualities a company like Verisys needs. Just a few value-added traits you’ll find in a vet are leadership, working well under pressure, meeting deadlines, as well as strong work habits.”

John P. Benson, CEO of Verisys Corporation believes in honoring those who have served but recognizes the value these highly trained and experienced individuals offer to a business. “It is becoming harder and harder to find people who want to work and contribute to their place of employment. We are very fortunate to have several veterans working here at Verisys and they are exceptionally talented, dedicated, and respectful and tend to rise to the top based on their contributions.”

There are several programs that help employers recruit the talents of veterans through the Department of Workforce Services and the United States Department of Labor.

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