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Verisys Joins the Conversation of Health Care Innovation at HLTH Create Health’s Future Conference in Las Vegas

October 29, 2019

HLTH Create Health’s Future is taking place this week at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where over 6000 industry leaders are gathered to discuss the future of health care with a mission to solve the most pressing problems we face today in health. This conference brings together senior leaders from across payers, providers, employers, investors, fast-growing startups, pharma, policymakers, and giants in the industry to discuss the most promising opportunities and innovations to improve health in the future.

Consumers surveyed say they are not confident in their providers. Mercer’s survey found that health care costs are continuing to increase at a relatively low rate, 3.6% projected in 2020, but at a clip that surpasses the rate of inflation and worker’s wage growth. The need for a major disruption in the prescription drug market is clear. The cost of health insurance for all Americans is an ongoing concern. Access to good providers and basic health care is a challenge for many in rural areas. Unhealthy lifestyles that lead to higher overall costs of health care is a growing issue. There is no shortage of problems within the health care sector to address and the industry is in constant flux as policy, regulation, technology, and trends shape the market.

Bernard Tyson, Kaiser Permanente CEO, said in a keynote presentation at HLTH that, “the social determinants of health are one of what Kaiser views as the building blocks of the future of health” and that it is imperative for the health care system to invest in addressing social concerns.

Another keynote speaker, Mark Cuban said, “Like ‘Medicare for All’ sounds great, but it deals with paying. It doesn’t deal with health. It doesn’t ask the question, ‘How do we make people the healthiest and then pay for that?’”

These, among others, are important issues that are being tackled by companies who want to see improvement in the overall level of health care. Verisys believes that one way to elevate health care in the U.S. is by ensuring that providers and entities are properly and thoroughly screened on an ongoing basis to eliminate those who abuse the system, harm patients, and add to the concerns patients have about finding quality providers.

The mission at Verisys Corporation has always been patient safety through total consumer confidence in your health care providers. Verisys is revolutionizing credentialing in order to remove sanctioned, excluded, non-licensed, and high-risk providers out of the system reducing both fraud and abuse in health care. Partnering with telehealth companies to identify state hoppers and license revocations or suspensions in previous practicing states is just one way we are doing this. Verisys provides a comprehensive cloud-based technology platform of data, analytics, software, and services that supports enterprise-wide compliance in the U.S. health care industry. Verisys verifies, credentials, screens, and monitors millions of health care providers annually across all sectors of the health care economy.

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