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October 17, 2019

NHCAA (National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association) held its Anti-Fraud Expo this week in Nashville, TN. The NHCAA Institute for Health Care Fraud Prevention’s Annual Training Conference (ATC) is recognized as the single-most-important health care anti-fraud event, spotlighting trends, and emerging schemes. The ATC brings together the industry’s leaders every year to share information on best practices to detect, investigate, prosecute, and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. NHCAA is a private-public partnership with a mission to reduce health care fraud.

John P. Benson, CEO, Co-Founder of Verisys Corp.

John P. Benson, CEO, Co-Founder of Verisys Corp.

John Benson, Co-Founder and CEO of Verisys Corporation, is an active participant and exhibitor at the Anti-Fraud Expo annually. John is an innate fraud sleuth. From his early days as an insurance fraud investigator to his current role as CEO of Verisys, John has crafted strategy and technology that detects fraud and provides material evidence to put a stop to schemes that rob the health care consumer of access to quality health care. John has dedicated years to the Verisys vision of protecting health care consumers by demanding competency and enforcing patient safety through provider transparency. As stewards of provider data and credentials, Verisys is dedicated to mitigating legal, financial, and regulatory risk for its clients and their end-users. Verisys prevents fraud, waste, and abuse in health care with accurate and timely data on persons, professionals, and businesses.

Verisys is known for CheckMedic®, its powerful data, and technology platform powered by FACIS®, the only sanctions, debarments, and exclusions database with historical coverage dating from 1992 to real-time. FACIS is the gold standard, nationally used data platform consisting of primary source content from federal and state sources for exclusions, sanctions, debarments, and disciplinary actions against health care professionals and businesses for all published license types and publishing jurisdictions. FACIS is the most comprehensive data set for screening and monitoring health care providers to ensure compliance and protect against financial and reputational risk.

We invite you to join John Benson, who is a huge supporter of NHCAA’s efforts to combat health care fraud, in his mission to improve patient safety by identifying providers and entities who add to the billions of dollars lost to the fraud, waste, and abuse that occurs in the health care industry. Let’s work together to get these individuals and organizations out of the system.

Connect with Verisys CEO John Benson on LinkedIn to further the discussion on health care fraud, waste, and abuse and read more about how to join the fight against fraud.

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