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Verisys Corporation Earns Certification to ISO 9001:2015 Demonstrating Commitment to Excellence

March 15, 2018

Verisys Corporation, a technology and health care data provider dedicated to mitigating legal, financial, and regulatory risk for its clients and their end-users by delivering mission-critical data on providers and their credentials announces that they have been certified under ISO 9001:2015 as of March 6, 2018.

International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2015 is the most updated standard of its kind and focuses on quality management systems and performance. It is based on the plan-do-check-act methodology and takes an overall process directed approach by auditing interactions from design to delivery.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification includes rigorous onsite evaluations to ensure Verisys has the leadership commitment, planning, support, operation, monitoring, measurement, and performance evaluation to continually deliver quality services and employ methods for improvement. The scope of products and services certified includes credentialing software and background screening.

“We are excited to earn certification to ISO 9001:2015 confirming Verisys’ commitment to deliver the highest quality product and services to our clients and achieve continual improvement across all aspects of our quality management system,” said Verisys Compliance Officer Jennifer Gillespie.

Verisys’ CEO John Benson stated, “The ISO certification is an amazing testament to the tremendous team and talent at Verisys, all of our team members across all functions worked in concert to make this a reality. Ultimately this is all about our core mission of protecting patients and the organizations that serve them.”

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