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Make an appointment with Verisys Booth #11254 to learn about cutting the costs of credentialing and improving the quality of your providers

February 13, 2018

Updated October 30, 2020

Verisys can help you better manage your providers and save you time and money using best-in-class data, technology, and services. We specialize in reducing risk, protecting patients, and saving money for our customers. Verisys also stands behind our findings.

Our team of experienced healthcare experts will explain how outsourcing many credentialing tasks to our Credentials Verification Organization (CVO), and using our proprietary robotic data acquisition and expert analysts can save money while providing a superior service. CheckMedic® is a single data repository that provides seamless integration of all accessible data while delivering a comprehensive view and audit reporting structure for every caregiver.

Verisys is fully certified by NCQA and is accredited by URAC as a CVO. With over twenty-five years of dedicated healthcare experience, we are committed to offering integrated workflow and monitoring solutions that ensure all individuals and entities are properly licensed, certified, registered, fully compliant, and meet all regulatory requirements.

Our proprietary matching logic and service options provide increased productivity, lowers overall operational costs, reduces administrative burdens, and elevates accuracy.

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In today’s world, the competitive advantage comes from going above and beyond the minimum requirements of regulatory requirements.


<strong>Download Verisys’ free white paper</strong> to help you understand how data protects patients, your organization, and the health care industry.



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