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Verisys Exhibits at Blue Cross Blue Shield 2019 National Summit in Texas

April 29, 2019

The 2019 National Summit is the premier Blue Cross Blue Shield conference of the year, assembling professionals from across the Blue Cross Blue Shield System to share best practices, ideas for growth, gather insights from keynote addresses, as well as breakout sessions and much more. Nearly one in three Americans rely on Blue Cross Blue Shield companies for access to safe, quality, and affordable health care. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is a federation of 36 separate United States health insurance organizations and companies, providing health insurance in the United States to more than 106 million people.

Verisys’ mission is to help patients receive the safest and highest quality of health care services by ensuring that the providers they see are fully verified, credentialed, screened, and continuously monitored throughout the duration of their practice. Verisys believes patients have the right to feel fully confident in their health care providers and can help identify and expose health care individuals or entities who pose a risk to patients.

Verisys has spent 25 years acquiring an aggregated data platform of 315 million+ records on health care professionals dating back to 1990 and updated daily. Verisys actively collects data from more than 5,000 primary source publishers and matches the data to individuals and entities with 99.9% accuracy. Its data on licenses span all license types across all U.S. jurisdictions. Verisys verifies, credentials, screens, and monitors millions of health care providers annually across all sectors of the health care economy.

Join Phil Smakula, National Sales Director, at booth #1000 to learn more about how Verisys can help your organization provide the best quality health care providers to your patients while helping to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse across the national health care system.

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