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Team Verisys Joins to Give Thanks for a Great Year

November 21, 2017

Verisys Corporation’s Salt Lake City Operations and Development teams joined with our new Sales and Marketing team for a pre-Thanksgiving event to give thanks for a great year of success and customer partnerships!

John P. Benson, Verisys CEO says, “Verisys Corporation is growing its team of valued talent. With a collective team of 200+, we are poised for great things in providing powerful tools to the health care industry for avoiding fraud and streamlining compliance, credentialing, privileging and enrollment. At the helm of leadership is Chad Fritz, Technology; Amy Andersen, Operations; Meg Svetz, Development; and Valerie Mondelli over Sales and Marketing. These leaders are experts for cultivating teams of remarkable talent who take a visionary approach with a solid tactical plan.”

Valerie Mondelli, Chief Revenue Officer and Joe Montler, Vice President of Sales joined Verisys Corporation earlier this year and they assembled a team to build out a powerful sales organization with Jan Smith Reed, Michelle Hurst, Jacob Hodge, Clint Snyder, Lauren Howard, Michael Criner, and Philip Smakula.

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Susen Sawatzki Written by Susen Sawatzki
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