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Verisys Manager of Talent Acquisition, Tannen Ellis-Graham, Keynotes at the Utah Rehabilitation Association Fall Training Conference

December 14, 2017

Verisys is very proud in its support of Tannen Ellis-Graham, manager of talent acquisition, as keynote of the Fall URA Conference held in November. She works with and trains for the Utah Rehabilitation Association, the Utah Department of Workforce Services, the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation (USOR), as well as with the Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities.

Her keynote topic was, “The Seven Deadly Sins of Career Coaching,” and she also held a breakout session addressing, “Crucial Candidate Conversations Create Career Karma.”

In the Seven Deadly Sins keynote, she characterized SIN as Self Inflicted Non-performance. She outlined the sins as deadly habits that undermine performance. The SINs include, social media, ignoring your work-life balance, your physical work environment, your emotional work environment, multi-tasking, unconscious bias, ignoring your health.

In the breakout session, Tannen shared critical practices that enhance conversations. She suggests that you express admiration openly and often, that listening is making active connection, exuding passion for your work is contagious, demonstrate that you care by respecting a person’s perspective, bring things to YES, assure clarity through intended inquiry, a true coach accentuates the value of the person and confirms authority in the matter, and, experience gratitude for your place as steward in someone’s life. “Give Back and Pay it Forward All At Once.”

The Utah Rehabilitation Association

The Utah Rehabilitation Association is a recognized chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association, a private, non-profit member organization that promotes ethical and state-of-the-art practice in rehabilitation with the goal of the personal and economic independence of persons with disabilities.

Utah’s chapter was founded in 1950 to: “Provide exemplary leadership through social advocacy and legislation, advance cultural awareness and competence across communities, promote excellence in research and practice and support professionals engaged in the employment and independence of individuals with disabilities.”

The URA’s vision and values: “Draw strength from our diverse membership while upholding the utmost importance of continuous learning and professional and personal enrichment and create partnerships and relationships that reflect the importance placed on our values across the full spectrum of the rehabilitation profession.”

Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities

Members on the Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities include those from both public and private sectors and work together to structure a plan to support job training and placement for Utah’s disabled population.

Representation includes: business, industry, labor, veterans, medical, health, insurance, media and the general public along with state units; the Department of Human Resource Management, the Department of Workforce Services, Public Education, Higher Education, and the Department of Human Services.

According to the Articles, the committee shall

“(i) promote employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities;

(ii) serve as the designated state liaison to the President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities;

(iii) provide training and technical assistance to employers in implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act;

(iv) develop and disseminate appropriate information through workshops, meetings, and other requests in response to needs to employers and others regarding employment of individuals with disabilities;

(v) establish contacts with various community representatives to identify and resolve barriers to full participation in employment and community life;

(vi) formally recognize exemplary contributions in the areas of employment, job placement, training, rehabilitation, support services, medicine, media or public relations, and personal achievements made by individuals with disabilities;

(vii) advise, encourage, and motivate individuals with disabilities who are preparing for or seeking employment to reach their full potential as qualified employees;

(viii) advocate for policies and practices that promote full and equal rights for individuals with disabilities; (ix) advise the State Board of Education and the governor on issues that affect employment and other requests for information on disability issues;

(x) prepare an annual report on the progress, accomplishments, and future goals of the committee and present the report to the State Board of Education and the governor; and

(xi) establish and maintain a cooperative liaison between the governor’s office, the executive Rehabilitation to fulfill the committee’s purpose.”

Pictured: Employment Specialist for the deaf and hard of hearing, Pamela Mower with Verisys Manager of Talent Acquisition Tannen Ellis-Graham, and interpreter.

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