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Provider and employer data is complex. Verisys’ insights make them simpler—and easier to maximize.

Data Insights for Healthcare Compliance

Every organization lives by business rules that are designed to reduce risk by remaining in compliance with the regulatory requirements that govern health care. When in compliance with Federal and each state’s regulations as well as standards of an organization in which you hold certification or accreditation, there is the feeling of well being from checking all the boxes of compliance. However, to stay ahead of the curve of fraud schemes, patient abuse, as well as a security risk, it behooves an organization to leverage an additional layer of data that may not be required by regulations and standards, but that will lend a deeper view and create a culture of complete transparency throughout an organization and its affiliates.

Credentialing in 10 Steps by Hugh Greeley

The more complex the credentialing process becomes, the more important it is to follow core guiding principles. Hugh Greeley outlines 10 steps to integrate into a health system’s policies and procedures. An excellent credentials process is the key to maintaining or enhancing a hospital’s reputation because it directly impacts upon the qualifications of providers on staff. Denials and disciplinary actions take a significant toll on every member of a healthcare dellivery system. Having clear, well-defined rules in place makes the appointment, credentialing, and privilege-granting process much easier especially when standards and rules are agreed upon by both the medical staff and the board.