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Experts in the industry share their knowledge on provider and employer data management.

Origin and Drivers of Telehealth

by John P. Benson
In addition to being able to enhance a patient’s treatment options by creating remote access to primary and allied health practitioners with a wide variety of specialties and sub-specialties, telehealth provides efficiencies around scale, throughput, and distribution—all of which can drive down cost and improve long-term outcomes.

Navigating Telemedicine

by John P. Benson
This rapidly expanding platform of healthcare introduces complexities that could
implode the hospital administrative system because of the exponential growth of not only the practice of telehealth care, but also the use of locum tenens. As the use of telehealth care evolves, scalability and security will be the prevailing considerations .

The Diverse Faces of Telemedicine Delivery and Reimbursement

by John P. Benson
Because state and federal rules are ambiguous and convoluted, navigating the ever-changing telemedicine landscape can be a recipe for risk and lost revenue. Between the federal government, individual states, and private payers, the sheer volume of reimbursement rules applied by payers is mindboggling.

Barriers to Telemedicine

by John P. Benson
Regulatory and market-driven factors affect the widespread implementation of telemedicine. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid supports telehealth utilization through state Medicaid programs to allow recipients greater access, especially in schools. Three primary barriers are coverage /reimbursement/parity, interstate licensure, and hospital credentialing.

Acing Compliance with Rich Data and Technology

By Lauren Howard
Verisys is named a top 10 compliance solution provider in 2018 by Pharma Tech Outlook.