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Fraud Accounts for 10% of Healthcare Spending

An estimated 10% of healthcare spend is on fraudulent claims. Be part of the solution by thorough exclusion screening and continuous monitoring.

Understand the Differences

When choosing data sources for provider data management, it’s important to understand the facts. See the differences between FACIS and the NPDB and avoid data gaps.

Dashboard for Instant Data

The FACIS user dashboard is clean and easy to understand. When you need fast answers, the FACIS dashboard keeps you current with real-time data on exclusions, debarments, sanctions, and disciplinary actions.

At-A-Glance Comparison

This chart compares the differences between FACIS and the NPDB. While the NPDB serves a purpose, FACIS delivers current, comprehensive data.

Active vs. Passive Data Acquisition

Verisys actively pulls data continuously for FACIS. The NPDB relies on providers and administrators at healthcare organizations to report adverse actions data which can delay access to important information.

Gatekeeping Prevents Fraud

Using FACIS data for exclusion screening and continuous monitoring helps create and sustain a fully compliant provider population ensuring your patients are safe.