Knowledge is Power

Expand your knowledge of healthcare credentialing and provider data management with our free E-Books.

Effectively Managing F and OPPE

FPPE and OPPE are evaluation processes that gauge a healthcare provider’s competence and ongoing performance. Learn the steps to integrate and streamline.

Work History for Credentialing

Discover the two types of work history data included in an application for employment in healthcare and how to use subjective and objective data to inform hiring decisions.

Credentialing Checklist

The credentialing checklist gives solid checks and balances for provider data management from credentialing to ongoing monitoring and recommended documentation practice.

Five Critical Gaps

Learn about the most common yet critical data gaps in healthcare screening and credentialing and how to close them and reduce risk.

Transparency is Power

Learn what ‘All your credentials. All in one place.’ means. This HANDBOOK 1 is the Medical Staff Services professional’s guide to bringing transparancy to the credentialing process.