You have the power to see far and wide into a provider’s license status and history. Use it. Verified License Search and Status (VLSS), gives you the current status, and historical view of a provider’s licensure nationwide.


Verisys is the only Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) that aggregates licensing data from all jurisdictions for every provider type. Verified License Search and Status (VLSS) is at the core of healthcare provider transparency. Researching a provider’s license status and history gives healthcare delivery systems and payers vital information such as if a provider holds appropriate licensure and is not excluded from participating in government-funded programs.

Remote practice through telemedicine often requires that a provider be licensed in every location of the patients they are treating so it’s common for a provider to hold licenses in more than one state. VLSS tracks the status of all licenses a provider holds, and when new licenses are awarded, eliminating potential licensure oversights.

Insights you gain that could signal risk:

  • License history data reveals trends of impairment, surrender, changes of license type and location
  • Continuous monitoring of all current licenses reveals those providers who are sanctioned or excluded from participating in government-funded programs



Verisys data experts found that 36 out 1,000 practitioners can cause harm to patients and expose organizations to legal, reputational, and financial risk.

Here’s an example of risk exposure to your organization for every 1,000 providers:

  • 20 inactive or expired licenses
  • 10 suspended
  • 3 on probation
  • 2 restricted or impaired
  • 1 revoked

Protect your patients from risk of exposure to a provider who has been sanctioned or excluded for abuse or negligence with VLSS. Protect your organization from exclusion, fines, civil monetary penalties, and legal action.


VLSS doesn’t just reveal the red flags associated with a license, it proactively helps providers maintain compliance. Compliance and risk management includes staying on top of expirations and renewal requirements. Some exclusions, such as those due to license expiration and past-due student loans, don’t necessarily reflect a provider’s qualifications or intention to commit fraud. However, these simple oversights carry the same penalties of non-compliance.

Verisys will send notifications of license and registration expiration with renewal requirements on a cadence of 60, 30, and seven days prior. Notifications can be customized to also include any level of license impairment of your monitored population.

Prevention is the Key

Verified License Search and Status (VLSS) goes beyond the moment-in-time view of a provider’s license status. As health systems and provider networks grow and expand, it is more important than ever to see the big picture with a broader view of license history, as well as types of licenses held and locations of practice.

Real-Time View

Verisys keeps your organization safe, secure, and compliant while meeting government standards and regulations as well as board requirements. Each state licensing, registration, and certification board has variations in requirements. Verisys actively tracks board requirements so you are covered when the rules change. There’s more value than meets the eye when you verify and monitor your healthcare provider’s licenses. With access to licensing data and alerts, your organization can operate with full transparency and peace of mind.

Full License History

The first step to licensing history discovery is searching public records to locate where a provider has lived. License boards and agencies are then queried for each location of residence or practice.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of a provider’s licensure is key to real-time insight into status changes, including if any licenses are impaired, revoked, suspended, restricted, superseded, or if the provider is placed on probation. Verisys can see suspensions and other license status changes as early as six months before they appear on a disciplinary report.


Included in our verifying, gathering, and monitoring services, VLSS consolidates the data collected and provides documentation including unaltered data from each primary source. This documentation can be added to practice management software systems, or it will automatically populate within the CheckMedic credentialing platform and each provider’s and entity’s MedPass.

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