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For Every 1,000 Healthcare Professionals, There Will Be:

  • 20 inactive or expired licenses
  • 10 suspended
  • 3 on probation
  • 2 restricted or impaired
  • 1 revoked

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Verified License Search and Status® by Verisys is a real-time transaction engine that protects organizations from fines and exposure by actively verifying, gathering, and monitoring primary source data on health care providers from licensing boards in all U.S. states.


Verisys actively tracks licensing regulations and requirements across all U.S. states, territories, and jurisdictions. We use public records queries to locate other areas a provider has lived and find any additional licenses. This allows us to provide our client with a full license history: not only the provider’s current license but all licenses the provider has held, past and present, across all taxonomies for a full healthcare provider license verification.


Unlike other services that only monitor when a provider’s license expires, Verisys lets you know if the license is currently active, when it expires (including notifications at 60, 30, and 7 days prior), and continuously monitors for all status changes: impaired, revoked, suspended, restricted, placed on probation, or superseded.

Verisys can see suspensions and other license status changes, when performing a healthcare provider license verification, as early as six months before it hits on a disciplinary report.


Included in our verifying, gathering, and monitoring service, Verisys consolidates the data collected and provides PDF documentation for our clients.


VLSS (Verified License Search and Status) provides a real-time view of a medical license lookup in all states and all taxonomies by verifying, gathering, and monitoring primary source data on health care providers from licensing boards in all U.S. states. VLSS checks the status and any disciplinary actions associated with medical license verification. VLSS monitors licenses for expirations and real-time status changes as well as any additional licenses across all states for all healthcare provider license verifications.


Verisys keeps your organization safe, secure, and compliant while meeting government standards and regulations. Verify and monitor your healthcare provider licenses with real-time access to their licensing data, allowing your organization to operate with full transparency and peace of mind.