Unlimited potential is yours when you partner with Verisys for governance, risk management, compliance, and credentialing. For more than two decades, Verisys has served some of the largest and most complex health systems in the world handling millions of individual and entity profiles a year.


FACIS is the gold standard in data used for exclusion screening, verifying, and monitoring for 360-degree transparency on providers, staff, and entities. The database of 10 million records derived from 5,000 primary sources contains current and historical records all the way back to 1992 — collected, verified, and aggregated continuously.


CheckMedic is the comprehensive provider data management, credentialing, and enrollment data-powered SaaS platform. The MedPass is an individual digital profile on individuals and entities created from the CheckMedic platform. CheckMedic proves an invaluable, turnkey solution for the organizations that hire, credential, refer, and reimburse for healthcare delivery such as retail pharmacies, telemedicine staffing companies, health systems, payers, and pharmaceutical companies.


VerisysConnect is a self-serve search and verification portal that can access thousands of primary sources. Healthcare delivery and payer organizations can screen, verify, and monitor their populations with speed and accuracy 24/7 and easily add verifications to data sets searched.


Enrollment accelerates and simplifies the application, verification, and attestation process for network providers.

Data Services

Data Services improves data accuracy, timeliness, and quality by eliminating inaccurate and incomplete provider data.

Provider Directory

Provider Directory meets compliance and consumer demands for easy-to-use online, mobile, and printed formats.


Verified License Search and Status, VLSS gives health systems and payers the historical and nationwide view of a provider’s license from all jurisdictions and for every provider type. License history and status checks protect your patients from risk of exposure to a provider who has been sanctioned or excluded for abuse or negligence, and protect your organization from exclusion, fines, civil monetary penalties, and legal action.


ProviderCheck gives instant results of prescriber credentials to retail pharmacies. The pass/fail dashboard helps prevent dispensing and reimbursement for prescriptions from providers who don’t have the proper credentials to prescribe on a certain schedule, or to prescribe at all.

Network Management

Network Management strengthens your provider relationship management with a custom Salesforce app.


ReferencePro™ is the total employment, education, and reference verification solution for background screening companies that need precise, consistent, and timely results every business day, in every time zone. Our long-standing relationships with thousands of primary sources give us the ability to anticipate your needs and help you help your clients.