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Screening State Medicaid Exclusion Databases

Improper payments from the federal government to fraudulent providers is big business. In 2019, the estimated number of improper payments by Medicaid totaled $57.36 billion. The federal government has created guardrails to ensure that fraudulent providers and entities known to have perpetuated abuse do not receive payments. One of the most significant tools for preventing…

Gilbert Aparicio Employee Spotlight

This is Gilbert Aparicio and he is a Verisys Production Team Mentor. As a team mentor Gilbert not only assists with the training of new team members, but he is available to answer questions for both new hires and existing teammates. He’s involved in quality assurance and peer reviews for the Production Team. Gilbert is…

What Are the Types of OIG Exclusions?

One of the most effective tools the federal government has to prevent money from being paid on claims from fraud and kickback schemes is to withhold payments from providers and entities that have committed health care fraud or other serious crimes. Public money should be safeguarded and go toward providing essential, legitimate services and procedures…

Understanding California Exclusion Screening Requirements

On a federal level, certain providers, individuals, and organizations are barred from receiving payments from the federal government for committing certain violations. Over the years, these databases and lists have been run by individual government agencies and departments. Currently, two main databases exist: the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE) and the System for Award Management….

Let’s Stay Connected During This Pivotal Time in the History of Health Care Innovation

Verisys and its team members were planning to attend several global and national health care conferences this spring to connect with other health care and technology companies, and to share innovative ideas around health care improvement across our country. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these events have been canceled, postponed, or converted to digital platforms….

Understanding a FACIS Level 3 Background Check

Patient safety increases when health care organizations thoroughly verify the identity, credentials, and backgrounds of their providers. The level of accuracy with which these screenings are conducted matters. Since there is not a consolidated list of bad actors and fraudulent individuals who are skilled at hiding their identities, having many data sources is critical to…

Treating Patients Using Telehealth Mitigates the Spread of COVID-19

Health care professionals across the country are working tirelessly to try to manage the increasing demands they are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for quality telehealth services has reached all-time highs because of the global pandemic, which is compounded by the fact that our hospitals and health care clinics are overwhelmed and…

What is a SSN Trace Report and How to Use it

A background check is the fundamental first step in employment verification. For health care organizations, verifying the identity, history, and other important information about a provider is essential to patient safety. A social security number trace report is a component of the background check that provides information about the names, addresses, and dates of birth…

Renada Bradford Employee Spotlight

This is Renada Bradford and she is a Verisys Quality Assurance Analyst. Renada is responsible for assessing the quality of the performance of our call center associates who are assisting Louisiana providers with their credentialing and enrollment. One word that best describes her is adventurous! Renada loves to travel and have new experiences! She has…

What is a GSA Background Check?

For health care organizations, patient safety is paramount. Ensuring that the providers who serve patients, some of our most vulnerable populations, are properly credentialed, verified, and have the necessary qualifications and training is only the beginning of a sound compliance program. Proper credentialing and verification means accessing the right data sources and keeping up to…