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Consequences Associated with Risk Exposure to the 5 Critical Data Gaps in Health Care Compliance

While it should naturally be every health care organization’s practice to properly vet and monitor every employee, provider and entity, the regulatory environment has put laws and guidelines in place to help the industry reach and sustain standards. However, simply meeting minimum requirements can still place you at risk for fraud, which can lead to…

Why Close the 5 Critical Gaps in Health Care Compliance?

Closing the 5 critical gaps in health care compliance is the best way to deliver the highest level of care and quality while protecting patients. This is vitally important to achieving and sustaining your reputation as a health care organization. It is crucial to have complete transparency into every member of your workforce and service…

The diverse faces of telemedicine delivery and reimbursement

The diverse faces of telemedicine delivery and reimbursement revealed. John P. Benson, JC, AHFI, CFE, CIFI authored a thesis on how the different payers view and manage telemedicine in the respective systems. Published in the December edition of Compliance Today magazine, a publication of the Health Care Compliance Association, (HCCA) In it, Benson covers the following…

Verisys Embraces Professionalism in the Workplace

by John P. Benson, CEO, JD, AHFI, CFE, CIFI As the pre-election rhetoric ramps up and the water cooler talk occasionally gets heated around current events, again, I’d like to post the essence of what I sent to my team in June when we were barraged by divisive public speech in the media. I’ve removed…

We Humbly and Sincerely Say, “Thank you.”​

Today, Veterans Day, and the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, we honor our Veterans and their families, not only here at Verisys, but across our great nation.  It is a day to reflect and express gratitude for their service and many sacrifices while serving our country across the globe. Our freedom…

State Medical Licensing Boards Fail to Discipline Physicians Sanctioned by the FDA

Obtaining a legitimate license from a state medical license board to practice medicine is a long, arduous educational process followed by a rigorous practicum of many years to demonstrate the level of skill and knowledge required to treat patients. Once a license is issued, there are steps to assure the licensed provider remains compliant to…

Verisys Corporation Names Jamie A. Harper as COO

Verisys Corporation welcomes Jamie A. Harper as Chief Operating Officer to join John P. Benson, Chief Executive Officer in leading Verisys into its next phase of growth. Harper brings 22 years of proven track record and was most recently COO for Sorenson Media, Inc. where he helped the company pivot its media platform into a…

Wish for Wheels – Bicycle Benefit Denver 2018

Verisys leadership teamed up with Prasco and Wish for Wheels in Denver, on Friday, Aug. 24th, to build more than 200 bikes for low-income second-graders in Denver public schools. John P. Benson, Valerie Mondelli, and Lauren Howard represented team Verisys at the bike build. “It is clear that bikes bring health and happiness into kids’…

Rampant Elder Patient Abuse Prevented by National Elder Abuse Registry and Criminal Record Searches

People who abuse others do it everywhere they go, whether they work in a bank, in construction, or in a skilled nursing facility. Because of this, 27 states publish an adult abuse registry. Employers who want to assure their providers and work force give the best possible care, can check applicants and monitor employees against…

National Provider License Verification and Exclusion Monitoring as Tools to Mitigate Opioid Abuse

The U.S. is gripped with news of daily tragedy associated with opioid abuse. Federal and state agencies, payers, providers, data technology companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and health care institutions are coming together to mitigate this crisis. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) held a Special Open-Door Forum on August 15 directed at opioid prescribers….