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NAMSS Conference a Success — Verisys a Proud Exhibitor since 1995

November 2, 2017

Susan DuBois, CPCS, CPMSM Serves as President of the NAMSS Board of Directors

Verisys continued its 20-pus years of support as an exhibitor at the 41st NAMSS Educational Conference & Exhibition held from October 21 to 25 at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was the perfect setting to announce the release of its next-gen credentialing and compliance platform, CheckMedic and the digital credentialing profile, the MedPass.

The first conference as president of the NAMSS Board of Directors, long-time member and leader Susan Dubois, Assistant Vice President, Physician Relations and Medical Affairs for Intermountain Healthcare expressed that the conference was a great success.

The conference, set at the base of the scenic Rockies, held more than 40 sessions that covered the areas of Accreditation & Regulatory, Credentialing & Privileging, Executive Management and Leadership, with session titles that included, “The Enduring Value of the Medical Staff Organization” and “Leadership: Know Thyself and Grow Thyself”.

More than 1,250 medical staff service professionals gathered to improve their professional contributions and see the challenges and opportunities on the horizon of the health care industry. The National Association of Medical Staff Services, NAMSS, celebrates 40 years of enhancing professional recognition and skill development for those in medical staff and credentialing services. The organization has more than 6,000 members who are employed by a wide range of health care organizations.

The organization recently published the “State of the Medical Services Profession Report” which can be downloaded from the NAMSS website. The report sheds light on the current status and future of the Medical Services Profession and covers the core functions of MSPs, the essential roles and responsibilities and how the roles evolve, the career advancement paths, and the future role of this important profession.

NAMSS proclaims its members, Medical Service Professionals (MSPs) as the gatekeepers of patient safety. Those dedicated to this worthy role work daily to properly credential and privilege health care practitioners according to their by-laws as well as the standards that enforce compliance and best practices.

There is great value in well-run member organizations that support a population of professionals with education, leadership, friendship and a unified voice within an industry that moves many trillions of dollars annually.

Verisys aligns its mission statement to provide a turn-key path to patient safety. Verisys provides a comprehensive technology platform of data, analytics and services catering to the full spectrum of organizations in the health care sector. As stewards of health care provider data, Verisys returns accurate and timely results on individuals, professionals, and businesses for contracting, privileging, employment, reimbursement, enrollment, and referral validation purposes.

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