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Linebacker Monty Grow defrauds the US Government of $2 Billion

December 16, 2016

Taking the concept of doping to a new level, Monty Grow defrauded the US Government in kickback scheme to push unnecessary compounded drugs on those who serve and have served in the military and subsequently collect from Tricare.

As seen on, written by Garry Smits –

“Former University of Florida and Jaguars linebacker Monty Grow was indicted in federal court on Tuesday with conspiracy to defraud the United States to pay and receive health care kickbacks, health care fraud, money laundering and causing the misbranding on drugs while held in sale. The U.S. Southern District of Florida released the indictment on its website, and Grow was the subject of a report on the CBS Evening News.

Grow, 45, a Tampa resident, is being charged with receiving around $20 million in kickbacks from a Broward County compounding pharmacy in exchange for recruiting and referring patients covered by Tricare, a health care insurance program that covers — according to its website — uniformed service personnel and their families, military retirees and their families, National Guard reservists and their families, former military spouses and Medal of Honor recipients.

According to the release, Grow received the payments between September 2014 and June 2015.

The indictment further alleges that Grow and others “defrauded Tricare by paying telemedicine companies to provide compounded medication prescriptions to the recruited patients without conducting any physical examination of the patients as required by law, and that these invalid prescriptions were issued without regard to the patients’ medical necessity.”

The U.S. attorney claims Grow laundered cash proceeds of the fraud and kickback schemes through purchases of real estate, luxury vehicles and securities.

According to a CBS News report by Jim Axelrod, Grow’s scheme defrauded the government of $2 billion. He surrendered on Tuesday at a federal courthouse in Miami and was freed on $600,000 bond.

Grow played at Florida from 1990-1993. He was suspended in 1991 for a violation of team rules that involved the use of steroids. He was an undrafted free agent who played 15 games for the Kansas City Chief in 1994 and four games for the Jaguars in 1995.”

Susen Sawatzki Written by Susen Sawatzki
Healthcare Industry Expert
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