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Verisys and Pharmaceutical Companies


A 360-degree view on all individuals and suppliers you do business with.

Verisys serves pharma by leveraging accurate data, health care expertise, and our cutting edge technology to protect patients and their business.

  • Screen speakers and consultants – speaker programs and provider consultants
  • Employee screening verifications and monitoring
  • Fraud, detection and prevention
  • Medical Affairs credentialing
  • Sales Operations HCP data verification
  • Risk mitigation strategies for Supply Chain Management
  • License Search Status and Monitoring
  • Entity Verification and Monitoring (Pharmacies) for Supply Chain management


How We Do It

Technology: Our technology accesses and transforms thousands of raw and disparate data sets into a usable format that our customers can consume for actionable results.

Data Platform + Matching Logic: We provide a 360° View of a provider with our data platform of over 320 Million records. We access, transform, and match each piece of data to the right provider/entity with 99.6% accuracy.

Software: Our SaaS based solutions and real time transaction engines provide our users with customizable and verified data to match their workflow and processes.

Services: We follow FCRA and act as a consumer reporting agency. We interface directly with providers on behalf of our customers to handle provider disputes and adverse event reporting.

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