Better, Simpler, Faster: Managing Your Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Data

Nov 3, 2021 | Credentialing, Data Quality, Enrollment, Verisys Blog | 0 comments

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When it comes to provider data, Tracey Tokheim, senior director of product management and enrollment at Verisys, understands the frustrations in keeping provider data accurate in the many places that organizations have it.

Tokheim has worked in credentialing, enrollment, contracting, and billing for 32 years. She has observed the challenges with maintaining provider data accuracy among payers and hospital systems. She has witnessed nearly every healthcare data issue possible throughout her career and maintains strong connections to every aspect of the healthcare industry. These connections help her stay current with new regulations, new technologies, and new initiatives that affect healthcare.

Tokheim offers solutions to help manage the integrity of your provider data knowing how vital it is to maintain the accuracy of this data.

The Top Four Frustrations in Healthcare Data: Time, Duplication, Organization, and Transparency

Although Tokheim’s role has changed over the years (and healthcare technology and regulations have changed as well), she maintains her relationships with vendors, executives, and peers in the enrollment and credentialing industry. She understands healthcare data issues because and has she dealt with them throughout her career.

Tokheim says the following four complaints about managing provider data are the one’s she hears most often:

  1. Time. Organizations must invest a lot of hours and manage huge amounts of data to stay compliant with regulations, often overwhelming their staff. Providers would rather spend the bulk of their time taking care of patients, not managing their information.
  2. Duplication. Healthcare organizations that contract with several health plans or who use several software platforms for different functions must enter the same information in many different places, wasting valuable time.
  3. Organization. “A lot of things are happening at the same time,” Tokheim says. “Healthcare data requires different processes managed in different timeframes. Finding a system to help you keep it all managed can be challenging.”
  4. Transparency. When the process of collecting, gathering, and sending data is different for every health plan and agency, information becomes more opaque to those who deal with it, making it more cumbersome to understand what is actually happening in an organization.

Solutions for Healthcare Data Management Frustrations

These kinds of problems drive healthcare organizations to ask for help. When a health plan or healthcare organization contacts Tokheim, they know she can provide the guidance they need. As a healthcare data expert (Tokheim has filled roles from data entry clerk to working on the Minnesota Credentialing Collaborative/Minnesota State Initiative to her current role in product management/sales), Tokheim speaks the industry’s language and anticipates its needs.

“I can say, ‘you probably are experiencing this frustration, and let me talk about how we can solve that,’ and heads nod in the room because they see that I get it,” said Tokheim. “I stay connected in the industry listening to many organizations and I understand the day-to-day operations related to provider data and all the people and places that use it.”

​​The software and services Tokheim offers through Verisys are flexible enough to accommodate a variety of needs. Accurate provider data can be stored and managed in one place then used to populate or communicate to the many systems that use the data in different ways.

Successful data integrity can be achieved by using a single source of truth. Managing your provider enrollment and credentialing data is streamlined using the solutions that Tokheim offers. Duplication, for example, goes away when a single product allows an organization to complete all its credentialing functions using the same data set.

“It’s one place to put everything,” Tokheim says. “It’s very configurable to how one’s organization does things. So, you’re not trying to fit a round peg in a square hole; we can essentially build you the round hole.”

Tokheim’s expertise in the industry shines as she continually solves her clients’ provider data management problems. Learn more about how Verisys can help your health plan or provider organization manage healthcare data and provider enrollment and credentialing.