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Katie Woodall Employee Spotlight

September 4, 2020

This is Katie Woodall, and she’s a Verisys Production Team Mentor. Katie helps to train our new hires and current team members on all Verisys products and processes. She spends a lot of time processing and performing quality control checks for one of our integrated, third-party data partners. Katie provides valuable feedback on our products and processes that helps to improve their quality in order to deliver the highest quality results to our clients. Katie and her siblings have a very dry sense of humor. Her family has a saying, “Don’t talk politics with Uncle Doug,” (that must be tough in an election year)! She enjoys getting together with siblings and cousins to play board games. Katie has a degree in business, is a painter, a flutist, and an author. She published a book in February titled The Lost Requiem: The Witch’s First Movement under her pen name, Isabel Moran (how cool is that??). Katie loves to read as it is a way to escape into a world someone else created. She also likes to cook, bake, do puzzles, play video games, is learning Norwegian, and loves folklore. Something many people don’t know about Katie is that she can belly dance. Her dog Clover loves to try to distract her now that she’s working from home. She’s currently reading self-care books and binging on the show Norseman in her free time. Verisys truly appreciates all the hard work and many talents that Katie brings to the team. Thank you, Katie!