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Verisys’ John P. Benson Recognized among Top Leaders for Women by

June 28, 2018
Named Best CEO for Women in Medium to Small Companies Nationally

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 22, 2018 – For the second consecutive year, John P. Benson, CEO and co-founder of Verisys Corporation is recognized by employee-generated surveys conducted by employer data company, Benson was named in the Best CEO category for medium to small companies in 2017 and Best CEOs for Women in 2018.

“This recognition is very humbling to me,” says Benson. “We really strive for diversity in our company and to provide opportunity for everyone. I am grateful for the honor to work with our bright and capable team.”

Valerie Mondelli, Verisys’ Chief Revenue Officer states, “Here at Verisys, we have a very diverse culture, where different backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives are embraced. This foundation really starts with a dynamic and contemporary leader who takes interest in the growth of employees, no matter the gender, race or ethnicity. John is that leader. He has instilled these principles throughout our organization and works to expose his employees to new opportunities and paths for advancement. He creates a culture where all employees are valued, challenged and allowed to express their opinions and ideas freely. Ultimately, this makes us better—a better company, a better employer and a better partner to all of our health care customers.”’s criteria points for “Best CEO for Women” include compensation, healthy challenge, receiving valuable feedback, mentorship, career advancement and work/life balance. Benson is in good company with notables in the large company category of John Legere of T-Mobile, Satya Nadella of Microsoft and from the medium to small category, Noah Kerner of Acorns and Gavan Thorpe of Boostability also located along Utah’s Silicon Slopes.


About Verisys:

Verisys’ mission is to protect health care consumers by enforcing competency and patient safety through provider transparency. Provider transparency helps prevent fraud, waste and abuse with analytics and accurate and timely data on individuals, professionals and businesses. The vision is to provide a comprehensive enterprise technology platform of data, analytics and services that deliver turn-key compliance to the full spectrum of organizations in the health care sector.

As stewards of provider data and credentials, for contracting, privileging, employment, reimbursement and referral validation, Verisys is dedicated to mitigating legal, financial, regulatory and reputational risk for its clients and their end-users.

Verisys stands out as a Credentials Verification Organization that is ISO 9001:2015 certified, URAC accredited and NCQA certified for 11 out of 11 verification services. This ensures its operations, products and services are of the highest standards.

Verisys is a values-driven company focused on supporting the advancement and satisfaction of its team. This is a key component in the formula to ensure the delight and success of its customers.

About Comparably:

Comparably is a compensation, culture, and career monitoring site in the US with data segmented by gender, ethnicity, age, location, tenure, company size, equity, title/department, and education. The site is a resource for employees to anonymously input and compare salaries, rate their workplace culture, CEOs, and match with their dream jobs. It has collected millions of ratings from half a million employees across 30,000 US companies, approximately 5,000 businesses.

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Juliette Willard Written by Susen Sawatzki
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