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Full Transparency of Data on Entities & Individuals at CBI’s 16th Annual Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress

April 17, 2019

Verisys team members will shed light on risk exposure and discuss the importance of full transparency of data to screen, verify and monitor individuals and entities at this year’s conference. They will break down and cover a number of functional areas including procurement (vendor management), distribution (pharmacy and hospital compliance), speaker programs, clinical trial compliance and license verification, discussing best practices for risk mitigation.

If you don’t know that you are exposed to risk, it’s only a matter of time before a non-compliant individual or entity can jeopardize your good reputation. On average, for every 1,000 licensed health care professionals, there are 20 licensed professionals with inactive licenses, 10 who’s licenses are suspended, 7 who historically have been excluded, 3 which are currently excluded, 3 on probation, 2 sex offenders, 2 patient abusers, 2 with restricted or impaired licenses and 1 with a revoked license. Managing risk is a matter of understanding the true nature of those you hire and engage with on a contractual basis.

Verisys has spent 25 years acquiring an aggregated data platform of 315 million+ records on health care professionals dating back to 1990 and updated daily. Verisys actively collects data from more than 5,000 primary source publishers and matches the data to individuals and entities with 99.9% accuracy. Its data on licenses spans all license types across all U.S. jurisdictions. With access to this data through highly usable, real-time delivery systems, the task of front-end screening and verifying an individual or a vendor with full identity resolution will allow you to hire and contract with fully vetted individuals and entities with total transparency.

Stop by Verisys booth #30 to join the discussion on preventing risk and fraud within your organization with full transparency on health care individuals and entities you contract with.

Heather Lynn Gillman Written by Heather Lynn Gillman
Director of Healthcare Communications
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