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Edgar Lucas Employee Spotlight

October 19, 2019

This is Edgar Lucas and he’s a Production Team Mentor at Verisys. Edgar helps train the new hires in production, answers any questions the production processors may have, does quality control checks on the team’s work, assists with special projects, and helps with the credentialing and license verifications that come to the team. Edgar has been with Verisys a little over two and a half years and is a great asset! He’s the proud doggie dad to a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He loves to play soccer, go hiking, go running, and loves playing video games in his free time. Edgar has played soccer against every supervisor he’s ever had, and although he didn’t say, he likely beat them (if you’ve seen Edgar run, you’d know why)! One time while cliff diving Edgar landed on a rock, ouch! Luckily, he was not hurt badly and is still alive to share the tale. His current Hulu and Netflix binges are Seven Deadly Sins, Full Metal Alchemist, and Demon Slayer. Edgar is full of life and positive energy and is a great member of team Verisys. Thanks for all you do, Edgar!