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Verisys Announces Day 1 at HIMSS19

February 11, 2019

With 45,000 health information and technology professionals gathered for the HIMSS19 global Conference & Exhibition, one of the hot topics is the consumerization of health care.

The opening keynote panel, “Will Consumer-Directed Exchange Disrupt the Healthcare Marketplace?” was presented on on Monday, February 11, 2019.

The HIMSS19 panel was moderated by Harold “Hal” Wolf, President & CEO of HIMSS and contributed to by panelists: Aneesh Chopra, President CareJourney, Karen DeSalve, Former National Coordinator for Health IT and Consumer-Directed Exchange Advocate, Michael Leavitt, Founder Leavitt Partners and Seema Verma, Administrator Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

HIMSS19 attendees will hear about the transformation of health care. Not only is information privacy and security important, it’s also the transference of the correct information in a timely manner between patients, caregivers and providers.

Patients are becoming empowered and guardians of their provider and institution choices as well as their health data. Discussion will cover policy and market direction through the eyes of the engaged health care consumers and the technology that is fueling the welcome disruption.

Verisys Corporation is attending enforce with its topic experts as well as exhibiting at booth #427. Verisys experts will share insights to how its massive data platform and sophisticated SaaS tools are the key to transforming processes, workflow, talent recruitment, consumer-facing competitive advantages through provider transparency and linking quality providers and processes to quality outcomes.

Verisys’ proprietary data set, FACIS® contains 8 million verified records matched with 99.99 percent accuracy to the 6 million providers it continuously monitors. The CheckMedic® platform with the MedPass® which issues digital, portable profiles on providers and staff to give real-time access to all stakeholders on licensed individuals, all staff members and entities.

As an NCQA Certified and URAC Accredited Credentials Verification Organization, Verisys manages all data reports as a Consumer Reporting Agency abiding by federal law set forth in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Verisys stores and exchanges data from a Tier 3+ secure environment, assures 99.9+% identity resolution accuracy 99.9+% of the time and assures its promises with full indemnification.

Verisys earned and sustains compliance with two international quality standards, ISO 9001:2015, certified for quality of credentialing software and background screening; and, ISO 27001, certified for highest standards of information security and data protection.

The sum of these certifications and accreditations ensures that promises made are promises kept to the world’s highest standards.

The e-book, “Closing the 5 Critical Gaps: A Guide to Understanding the Issues and Using Data Technology to Improve Provider Transparency to Protect Patients and Reduce Risk” is available to download here.

Susen Sawatzki Written by Susen Sawatzki Healthcare Industry Expert Muse. Writer. Publisher. Producer. Creator of Inspiring Narratives. Connect with Susen on LinkedIn