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Danial Oberg Employee Spotlight

May 22, 2020

This is Danial Oberg and he’s a Sr DevOps Engineer at Verisys. Danial helps maintain and set up all of the servers and other infrastructure at Verisys. This includes maintaining DNS records, server packages, operating system upgrades, application upgrades, and security patches. He also does hardware maintenance, database maintenance, and programming. One of Danial’s most important roles at Verisys is to guide engineers toward industry best practices, helping them to establish well documented policies and procedures and best coding practices – building the needed tooling for developers to deploy code into safe, secure, and reliable environments. Danial has a passion for computer sciences and kinetics. He’s studied most amino acids and how they function within each cell in the body. Danial loves going on hikes and spending time with his Aussie, Leeloo. He snowboards in the winter and likes to bowl year-round and watch movies. He also enjoys cooking and especially loves cooking for large crowds and friends. One thing many people might not know about Danial is he comes from a large family. He’s one of nine children. Danial’s current Netflix binge is Better Call Saul and his favorite book is 1984 by George Orwell. Danial is hard working, kind, and generous! It is a privilege to have him at Verisys!