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Closing the Gaps in Your Underwriting Process Will Minimize Your Risk

May 14, 2019

Verisys can show you how to close the gaps in your underwriting process and minimize your risk while protecting the providers you insure. Come see us at MPL Association’s 2019 Conference to learn how.

Minimize Your Risk

Insuring providers with malpractice insurance carries with it a certain amount of risk. Screening or verification gaps can leave your organization vulnerable. Having a technology and data company like Verisys, with the largest, most intelligent data platform in the industry, screen and verify those providers greatly minimizes that risk.

Verisys’ FACIS® (Fraud Abuse Control Information System) is the most comprehensive data set for screening and monitoring health care providers to protect against financial risk. It is the number one trusted data platform and nationally used database for screening and monitoring. Verisys has been collecting historical and current data from over 3000+ primary sources since 1992 and continues to add over 75,000 records to the database monthly. Verisys’ mission is to provide full transparency on providers to minimize risk and to protect against fraud and abuse in all sectors of the health care industry.

MPL Association Conference

The Medical Professional Liability Association (MPL) is the insurance trade association representing domestic and international MPL insurance companies, risk retention groups, captives, trusts, and other entities. The 2019 MPL Association Conference will convene this week in Portland, OR on May 15 – 17. This conference is the preeminent education and networking event for all stakeholders in the medical professional liability sector.

The agenda is packed with outstanding presentations on the latest hot topics in the MPL arena. Meet chief executive officers, chief operating officers, chairs and board members, and other insurance professionals, patient safety and risk managements experts, actuaries, and corporate and defense counsel. In attendance will also be physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals and executives associated with MPL entities.

Come See Verisys at Booth #14

Jan Smith Reed, Vice President of Payer & Hospital Solutions at Verisys Corporation, will be at MPL Association’s Conference to discuss how screening and verification gaps leave your organization vulnerable. She will shed light on 5 Critical Data Gaps that expose your organization to risk when you lack provider transparency in the underwriting process. Transparency is achieved through a robust screening, verification and monitoring program against current and accurate data.

Please stop by Booth #14 to find out how Verisys’ vast database and 99.9% identity matching results can simplify and enhance your underwriting processes while reducing risk within your organization.

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