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Rampant Elder Patient Abuse Prevented by National Elder Abuse Registry and Criminal Record Searches

People who abuse others do it everywhere they go, whether they work in a bank, in construction, or in a skilled nursing facility. Because of this, 27 states publish an adult abuse registry. Employers who want to assure their providers and work force give the best possible care, can check applicants and monitor employees against…

National Provider License Verification and Exclusion Monitoring as Tools to Mitigate Opioid Abuse

The U.S. is gripped with news of daily tragedy associated with opioid abuse. Federal and state agencies, payers, providers, data technology companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and health care institutions are coming together to mitigate this crisis. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) held a Special Open-Door Forum on August 15 directed at opioid prescribers….

The Power of Recognition It’s no secret that praise pays.

Following the 2017 NAPBS Annual Conference, the importance of sustaining excellence from a verification department was emphasized in the Keynote address by Lee Cockerell of Lee Cockerell LLC, former EVP of Operations for the Walt Disney World Resort®. In the six-part series, “Managing a Verification Department”, Craig Caddell’s sixth installation talks about inspiring excellence in…

Hugh Greeley’s Tips for Physician Recruiting Tools for the HR Professional

Verisys sponsored Hugh Greeley’s presentation at ASHHRA 2017 held in Seattle, Washington in September. In the presentation, Hugh encouraged human resource directors to be a champion of technology that consolidates and stores primary-source verified data on practitioners and allows any authorized party to access it. He compared that technology to a driver’s license or the…

2017 Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force Report Published

The Cybersecurity Act of 2015 was established in order to gather a Task Force comprised of private and public subject matter experts who collectively will develop a report outlining action items towards a strategy to mitigate the vulnerability of cyber attacks to the health care industry. The report outlines six imperatives that are supported by…

Hugh Greeley Hosts Webinar on Credentialing Locum Tenens

Verisys and the American Hospital Association (AHA) is co-hosting a webinar focused on credentialing for locum tenens as well as the practice of telehealth care. This new paradigm of practicing medicine creates a new set of challenges for medical staff professionals and credentialing verification organizations. Talent sharing through locum tenens and telehealth care is the…

Health Care Data Security – 10-Point Checklist

When choosing a partner for healthcare exclusion screening and monitoring or credentialing verification services, it is important to compare all healthcare credentialing partners against these top 10 data security measurements to protect your organization from financial loss, regulatory and reputational damage through non-compliance. With Verisys, you can put your worries at ease knowing that your…