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How to Implement New Medical Procedures

Adding new medical procedures or diagnosis technology requires analysis against a health system’s core purpose. In this blog, Hugh Greeley suggests that medical staff service professionals read, “The Deming Management Method,” by author Mary Walton. Greeley dedicates his focus on Point 1 of the 14 Points included in the book. Point 1 is, “Creating Constancy…

The Value of Medical Staff Services

The critical behind-the-scenes duties of the Medical Services Team that keep hospitals compliant and the quality of their healthcare providers to a high standard. In this blog, Hugh Greeley describes the critical functions of a fine-tuned medical staff services team.  While there are boards and committees in place governed and populated by members of the…

8 Simple Steps to Expedite and Improve the Provider Credentialing Process

A Brief History of Board and Committee Review Practices for Physician Applicants This blog by Hugh Greeley covers how the provider applicant review process can be a very slow, arduous one, and suggests 8 key data points that will determine whether to progress a candidate to the chair, board, and credentialing committee, or request further…

The Importance of Primary Source Verification on Provider Credentials

In this blog, Hugh Greeley addresses primary source verification and the ways that primary sources can be accessed. For the medical staff services team at a hospital to properly verify a healthcare provider’s credentials for onboarding and granting privileges (at a minimum) a half dozen primary sources would have to be contacted, and those primary…

Importance of Continuous Monitoring With FACIS®

FACIS® (Fraud Abuse Control Information System) is a Verisys owned and maintained data platform consisting of primary source content from federal and state sources for exclusions, sanctions, debarments, and disciplinary actions against healthcare professionals and businesses. FACIS is the Gold Standard As the gold standard data platform and nationally used database, FACIS® is the most…

The Merits and Importance of Provider Credentialing

A stringent credentialing process that meets compliance requirements is designed to keep bad actors out of the healthcare delivery systems where they have an opportunity to harm patients and defraud payers. As Hugh Greeley describes in his blog, bad actors have taken advantage of the sick, vulnerable, and helpless for personal greed and power for…

Tips For Creating F and OPPE Processes for Outpatient Psychiatry and Other Specialties

Focused and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation for outpatient treatment of specialty medicine requires unique clinical indicators. In this blog, Hugh Greeley gives guidance to the steps of conducting Focused and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (F and OPPE) for outpatient specialty areas of practice. Time-Saving Tips for a F and OPPE System Hugh describes time-saving tips…

Why is OPPE Required by The Joint Commission?

In the case where a physician no longer practices at a location where he or she is granted full privileges, OPPE adds an important layer of transparency that protects the organization and patients. In this blog, Hugh Greeley outlines six options to offer a fully privileged provider with sparse activity that could be observed and…

7 Steps to Credentialing Ambulatory Providers

Mirror the steps of granting privileges of inpatient care providers to outpatient care providers to assure provider competence, quality care, and organizational compliance. In this blog, Hugh Greeley offers up steps for credentialing, privileging, and enrollment for outpatient facility providers with the same standards as those used to hire and grant privileges to hospital employees….

Higher Price, Better Healthcare?

In this blog, Hugh Greeley puts forth the question of the cost differentials in healthcare services across individual providers and organizations. With the advancement of healthcare services coding assignments, ease of data access and dissemination, the reality of accurate and real-time price transparency correlated with outcomes is gaining ground. Healthcare tourism became popular when Central…