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Morgan Valentine Employee Spotlight

This is Morgan Valentine and she is a Verisys Production Team Mentor. Morgan trains new Production Team Processors on our company’s products and gives them feedback and additional training as needed. Her favorite thing about working for Verisys is being able to help her teammates learn and grow in their roles and in their knowledge…

Deidre Williams Employee Spotlight

Say hello to Deidre Williams! She is a Provider Enrollment Specialist at Verisys. Deidre goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service to the healthcare entities and practitioners she assists during their enrollment. She is striving to help Verisys grow and reach even greater heights in Baton Rouge, her home office and her hometown….

Josh Lindeman Employee Spotlight

This is Josh Lindeman and he’s a Verisys Production Analyst Mentor. He trains new team members on production processes, helps to answer questions, and takes part in special projects. He recently produced the Production Team’s first team newsletter. Josh grew up in Washington State, just outside Seattle, and loves the Pacific Northwest. He graduated from…

Tosha Emerson Employee Spotlight

This is Tosha Emerson and she is a Verisys Production Supervisor. As a supervisor, she sets performance goals for the Production Team and creates deadlines that comply with the company’s plan and vision. She provides constructive feedback, coaching, training, productivity monitoring, delegation of tasks, and she ensures employees understand their duties. Tosha is married to…

Shaterrica Dixon Employee Spotlight

Hi, my name is Shaterrica Dixon and I’m an Enrollment Specialist here at Verisys. I work in any organization that has membership or enrollment opportunities, including healthcare or education facilities, insurance companies, government organizations, and gyms. In a hospital, my responsibilities include determining patient eligibility for care, verifying such eligibility with the patient’s insurance company,…

Chaney Bennett Employee Spotlight

Say hello to Chaney Bennett. She supports the Operational side of our Louisiana office as a Verisys Project Analyst. She provides internal coordination, project analysis, and gathers pertinent information that can impact the success of the project. A few fun facts about Chaney are that she LOVES Gushers and Carmel lattes almost as much as…

Phil Kersh Employee Spotlight

Say Hello to Phil Kersh. He is Verisys’ Salesforce Administrator in our Salt Lake City office. Phil is a process and data guru and he works directly with our Sales Operations, Marketing, and Customer Success teams to improve processes and create solutions for our teams to better serve our customers. When Phil is not creating…

Tabitha Nuccio Employee Spotlight

This is Tabitha Nuccio and she’s the Verisys Director of Operations in our Baton Rouge office. She is also the Product Owner for the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) contract and oversees the day-to-day operations in LA. Tabitha is a home-grown southern girl born in Alabama and at a young age moved to Louisiana with…

Nathaly Marmolejo Employee Spotlight

This is Nathaly Marmolejo and she’s a Verisys Production Lead. She double-checks the work the processors do to ensure the data is accurate before returning the license verifications or CheckMedic results to our customers. She also updates and improves our processes to best meet our customer’s requests and business needs. Nathaly was born in Brazil…

Kaylynn Madsen Employee Spotlight

This is Kaylynn Madsen and she’s a Verisys Production Lead. She helps create verification processes for CheckMedic products and Medpass reviews. These online tools are used to screen and credential health care providers. Kaylynn has a degree in Art History and although she does not work in that field, she enjoys going to art museums…